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EXPO ‘Nikolay Sardamov: Intersections’ – Galerie V&V, Vienna (Austria) – 21 Juill.-25 Aout 2012

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Nikolay Sardamov: Intersections

« This newest body of work consists of brooches, pendants, rings and earrings. I use the circle as a basic component and put together three-dimensional forms with six different circle sizes. These forms are built symmetrically, starting from a center and adding and arranging the components in different angles to form clusters and layers. The resulting shape is a rigid meshwork, where the cube can be recognized as the main organizing form.
Building the forms was like a game for exploring variations. I used the same number of components to put together forms with different characteristics: pattern, density and size. The pieces are first built up in wax and then cast in one piece in silver or gold. » Nikolay Sardamov


EXPO 'Nikolay Sardamov: Intersections' - Galerie V&V, Vienna (Austria) - 21 Juill.-25 Aout 2012 dans Autriche (AT) 12_08_31_1

(Nikolay Sardamov, Brooch, 2012)    Nikolay Sardamov: Intersections  Galerie V  (Vienna, Austria)  21-Jul-2012 - 25-Aug-2012Nikolay Sardamov, Brooch,  Intersections 2012 – Bronze, powder- coated, pearls


Galerie V&V
Bauernmarkt 19
1010 – Vienna
Telephone: 43 222 535 63 34

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