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EXPO ‘Foreign body’ – Allenby 94, Tel-Aviv (IL) – 16-31 Aout 2012

« Foreign Body: Giving Jewelry a Second Look »

Foreign Body: Giving Jewelry a Second Look features the work of 15 Israeli jewelers who demonstrate an unfaltering commitment to individual expression through highly-developed techniques in jewelry-making. The works in the exhibition challenge traditional, mainstream attitudes toward this ancient practice with surprising investigations on scale, wearability, materials, and narrative or critical content, positioning the body as a locus for unfamiliar encounters between jewelry object and wearer


Shiri Avda, "The Mechanism of Reading," 2010-12Shiri Avda, « The Mechanism of Reading, » 2010-12

Merav O RothMerav O Roth

Edda Vardimon necklace via Gallery LoupeEdda Vardimon necklace


Allenby 94,
65813 Tel Aviv-Jaffa

tel 00 972 54-744-2224

EXPO ‘FIESTA’ – Anika, Buenos Aires (Argentina) – 14-24 Aout 2012

This year the group Cómplices (Accomplices) presents a new exhibition of contemporary jewelry “Fiesta” (Festivity) as theme of creation. Cómplices, is a project which aspires to promote the exchange of ideas between a group of creators who yearly exhibit their resulting work of contemporary art jewelry. The project began in March 2005 when the group got together deciding to work in an exchange of ideas on a chosen topic and with the consequent realization of pieces of jewelry.
For some time now their project was extended by inviting other artists to join the action at each opportunity.
With this fifth edition and once more accompanied by invited Accomplices, this collective work group repeats the rewarding experience which in previous years was carried out on the themes Memory, Alice in Wonderland, Paths, and Letters. Fiesta  is a new creative moment in the  history of this group.

los cómplices de siempre:
Marisa AlonsoJorge CastañónFabiana GadanoElisa Gulminelli — Mabel Pena — Francine Schloeth.
y los  cómplices invitados:
Alejandra Agusti — Alejandra Koreck — Valeria Dowding — Elida Kemelman.

  Alejandra Koreck  Necklace: Fiesta 2012  Paper, synthetic raffia, sterling silver, magnetsAlejandra Koreck  Necklace: Fiesta 2012  Paper, synthetic raffia, sterling silver, magnets

Elida Kemelman  Pendant: Los Colados 2012  Sterling silver, kid glovesElida Kemelman  Pendant: Los Colados 2012  Sterling silver, kid gloves

  Francine Schloeth  Ring: Fiesta 2012  Sterling silver, Japanese lacquer, egg shellFrancine Schloeth  Ring: Fiesta 2012  Sterling silver, Japanese lacquer, egg shell

Mabel Pena  Brooch: Fiestas Urbanas 2 2012  Alpaca silver, sterling silver, falletina, rayonMabel Pena  Brooch: Fiestas Urbanas 2 2012  Alpaca silver, sterling silver, falletina, rayon

Fabiana Gadano  Ring: Refugios 5 2007  Sterling silver, fine silver, acrylic lacquer  4 cm roundFabiana Gadano  Ring: Refugios 5 2007  Sterling silver, fine silver, acrylic lacquer  4 cm round



Malabia 1644
- Buenos Aires
Telephone: (+54 11) 48 33 25 44


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