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EXPO ‘Sara Engberg: A Sense of Direction’ – Gallery Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm (SE) – 25 Aout-12 Sept. 2012

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Sara Engberg: A Sense of Direction

Sara Engberg: A Sense of Direction Stockholm Sweden exhibitions

In the centre of the room, the visitor is presented with three large, hand carpented boxes made of walnut wood, filled with jewellery pieces in pastel colors, dark red and gold—pendants shaped like imaginary islands with layers of compass roses and streamers, all hand cut from golden and smoke tinted mirrored plexiglass. The cartographic pendants are hanging from meticulously hand-stitched silk and cotton ribbons with map prints.
–I have picked up the materials I use all over the globe, sometimes in completely unexpected places, says Sara Engberg. I have been collecting for years, and gradually, I have discovered that I instinctively choose materials in a range of specific colours. I have asked myself where this palette comes from, and I think that it’s simply the colours of a map. It’s as if everything I like boils down to a map.
In this exhibition, Sara Engberg’s aim has been to recreate the feeling of a museum or an old classroom. Custom printed wallpaper lengths with inspiration from maps and streamers are suspended from the ceiling, reminiscent of old-fashioned school wall charts. All the maps and coastlines are imaginary; none of them are based on any actual geography. It’s a dream landscape, which also had its very first origin in a dream.
–As a child I once dreamt that I opened the window and the sky was covered with maps, says Sara Engberg. As if we were inside a terrestrial globe, lit up from the outside. I had this overwhelming sensation of beauty, which has followed me ever since. Maybe that’s where my fascination with maps started.

Sara Engberg, Necklace: A Sense of Direction 2012  Acrylic, textileSara Engberg, Necklace: A Sense of Direction 2012  Acrylic, textile

Sara Engberg has an MFA degree in Metalwork Design from Konstfack, the University College for Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Together with fashion designer Christina Wemming, she ran the collaborative jewellery and clothes brand mori & mimosa, which received attention especially in Sweden and Japan. Today, Sara Engberg has found her way back to a more artistic expression, working mainly with unique jewellery. She is a member of Stockholm-based crafts gallery Konsthantverkarna since 2010 and this is her first solo exhibition. Until the exhibition opens on August 25, anyone who is interested can follow Sara Engberg’s ongoing work and experiments at her blog:
Sara Engberg - Necklace: A Sense of Direction 2012  Acrylic, textileSara Engberg – Necklace: A Sense of Direction 2012  Acrylic, textile






Gallery Konsthantverkarna
Södermalmstorg 4
116 45 – Stockholm
Telephone: 08-611 03 70


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