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EXPO ‘Anja Eichler: Urbanauts’ – Vander A Gallery, Bruxelles (BE) – 6 Sept.-6 Oct. 2012

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Anja Eichler: Urbanauts

EXPO 'Anja Eichler: Urbanauts' - Vander A Gallery, Bruxelles (BE) - 6 Sept.-6 Oct. 2012 dans Anja EICHLER (DE) contemporary-art-jewellery-04 Anja Eichler: Urbanauts Brussels Belgium

As an « urbanaut », Anja cruises Shanghai as a sailor among foreigners who do not speak her language. In this labyrinth of human relations where nature is missing, her artworks tell us her journeys and are the witnesses of her audio and visual impressions.
Close to the living ones, Anja’s wearable jewels submit us to mysterious organic realities from deep oceans, lunar landscapes or embryonic elements that cling to the body, moving and breathing together.
We will recognize her signature work gloves material but in more colourful compositions showing the hollows of the waves and furrows as many urban channels, navigating and discovering such a different land.
We will easily embark in this universe thanks to Lise Vachon (Canadian choreographer and dancer established in Belgium), Laura Colmenares Guerra (Columbian/Spanish visual artist) and Todor Todoroff (Belgian Engineer – compositor of electroacoustic music). Their works based on body perception will intensify the living materiality of the synthetic jewels.
The vander A Gallery is pleased to present Anja Eichler’s biomorphic art works together with an interesting artistic performance where dance, video and music come together.

Anja Eichler  Brooch: On the Edge 2012  Working glove, silver, steelAnja Eichler  Brooch: On the Edge 2012  Working glove, silver, steel

Anja Eichler  Brooch: City Dweller 2012  Working glove, wool, silver, steelAnja Eichler  Brooch: City Dweller 2012  Working glove, wool, silver, steel

Anja Eichler  Brooch: Taken 2011  Working glove, silverAnja Eichler  necklace: Taken 2011  Working glove, silver



Vander A Gallery
110-112 Avenue des Saisons
1050 – Brussels
Telephone: +32 (0) 495264281

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