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EXPO ‘Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition’ – Polidynamo Demotiko Kentro, Nicosia (Cyprus) – 12-15 Sept. 2012

Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition,  Nicosia, Cyprus
In their 4th successive year a group of 7 Jewellery Designers of Cypriot originpresent their latest work. They remain united in their vision in today’s world of Contemporary Jewellery which inspires their diverse and individual styles. EXPO Liana Pattihis .........Artists:
Augousta Themistocleous Constantinos KyriacouIro Kaskani Liana PattihisMala SiamptaniPanayiotis Panayi Skevi Afantiti

Liana Pattihis - Blue 'Istos' Brooch 2010 has been selected for the Cominelli Foundation Private Collection in Italy!Liana Pattihis – Blue ‘Istos’ Brooch 2010

harmony catastrophe - Panayiotis Panayiharmony catastrophe - Panayiotis Panayi
Skevi Afantiti - HOME collection necklaceSkevi Afantiti – HOME collection necklace

Augousta Themistocleous - ekthesi 2010Augousta Themistocleous – from serie « ekthesi » 2010
Iro Kaskani: The Space in Between - 2007 CollectionIro Kaskani : The Space in Between – 2007 Collection
Polidynamo Demotiko Kentro
Nicosia, Cyprus
Opening hours: 10.00- 13.00 and 16.00- 21.00

Decouverte : Kellie Riggs : architectures blanches et douces

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Architectures blanches et douces : Kellie Riggs – Moulures haussmaniennes pour le corps, pour mieux l’encadrer …

« My work is not ornament, it is about ornament.
My work is informed by the past, fueled by an interest in contemporizing our visual history. My curiosity in what came before me closely relates to the inherent fundamentals of adornment as a concept; I explore the human body’s direct relationship to architecture, as time has honored the idea that the human body deserves parallel exaltation. Using the decorative and structural articulation of environments like Italian churches, I aim to exploit the body as a site and surface able to be similarly defined.
Adapted fundaments of Renaissance and Baroque architecture encompass my work using identifiable derivations of visual vocabularies, principles, and dynamic functions. Using proportion and balance, contraction and release, my work explores ambiguity of scale. The physicality of each piece is also essential to the visual presence when seen on the body, and the structural presence when felt worn.
This series intends to reframe how the body is perceived by unifying object and body as one. This goal of unification is met with limitations of perception- how does one communicate a theoretical environment where piece meets the intended site, if one does not get to handle the piece personally? The tangible object alone is not the complete work; without the body, only fallen fragments would be found. How are they to be put back?  »

Kellie Riggs  Object: Dilation/Contraction 2011  Porcelain  From the series ArchitettonicoKellie Riggs  Object: Dilation/Contraction 2011  Porcelain  From the series Architettonico

Architettonico-Binary Arch Study by Kellie RiggsKellie Riggs  Object: Binary Arch Study 2011  Porcelain, rope, brass  From the series Architettonico

ARCHITETTONICO by KELLIE RIGGS -  - A BORROMINI   porcelainKellie Riggs  Object: To Borromini 2011  Porcelain  From the series Architettonico

PinnARCHITETTONICO by KELLIE RIGGS, Bronze N°1 patinated bronzeKellie Riggs  ARCHITETTONICO  Bronze N°1 patinated bronze


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