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EXPO ‘Peta Kruger: This Fool’s Gold’ – Pieces of Eight Gallery, Melbourne (AU) – 4 Sept.-6 Oct. 2012

Peta Kruger: This Fool’s Gold  – Pieces of Eight Gallery  (Melbourne, Australia)  04-Sep-2012 – 06-Oct-2012

This spring, Adelaide based jeweller Peta Kruger installs This Fool’s Gold, her new solo exhibition at Pieces of Eight Gallery. Her new work, created exclusively for this exhibition, comprises entirely of painted brass works, demonstrating a continued link between her practice as an illustrator and jeweller. These wearable works are lively, and informed by her much loved jewellery collection from childhood. Working with the large dimensions of the façade, Kruger has also created over scaled interpretations of her work, painted on board.
This exhibition follows her recent mentorship with German jeweller Karl Fritsch and is her first solo exhibition in Melbourne.
The jewellery collection that I grew up treasuring included plated orchid souvenirs, Disney charms, leather gum leaves, ‘tiger eye’ and painted plastics. It was by observing and interacting with these pieces that I came to understand the basics of object construction. There was very little materially precious jewellery; colour and shape was what I valued most.
Brass is a material that can be used to learn the basics of jewellery making, and I take great comfort and pleasure in continuing to work with it. It allows me to cut, bend and stick parts together in a playful and spontaneous way, slowly discovering a collection of shapes and patterns with which I am happy.” Peta Kruger, June 2012.

Peta Kruger: This Fool’s Gold  Place: Pieces of Eight Gallery  (Melbourne, Australia)  04-Sep-2012 - 06-Oct-2012

Peta Kruger  Brooch: This Fool’s Gold,  Brass, silver, paintPeta Kruger  Brooch: This Fool’s Gold,  Brass, silver, paint

Peta Kruger  Neckpiece: This Fool’s Gold  Brass, silk cord, paintPeta Kruger  Neckpiece: This Fool’s Gold  Brass, silk cord, paint



Pieces of Eight Gallery
28 Russell Place
VIC 3000 – Melbourne
Telephone: +613 9497 8121

EXPO ‘for the love of coffee’ – Studio2017, Waterloo (AU) – 2-13 Oct. 2012

« for the love of coffee »  – studio2017 – AU – 2-13oct

These contemporary jewellers love their coffee. We aren’t going to tell you that it’s the ‘be all and end all’ to their existence, but we reckon it would come in a pretty close second. Perhaps you might find that this show is not so much about the work rather the stories and anecdotes that can be shared over a good strong cup of Joe.

I assume one could parallel the making of coffee with the making of art or jewellery, but we won’t go that far. Really, all you need to know is that these Jewellers love their coffee. Without it, they might not have met up with an old friend and discussed their ideas, they might not have pulled apart their machine to see how it works, conversely they might not have built a machine to share the love, and they certainly might not have made the interesting, humorous and thought provoking work that you will see on display.

EXPO fothe love of coffee - studio2017 - AU - 2-13oct(Nina Baker “Sachets” brooches, Sterling Silver, Stainless steel pin, filled with steel street sweeper bristles)

Participating jewellers: Vernon Bowden — Karen Thompson — Erin Keys & Regine Middleton — Mary HackettAlice Potter — Bic Tieu — Linda Blair — Nina Baker — Barbara Cotter — Elizabeth Shaw — Melinda YoungRegine Schwarzer

  Alice Potter  Necklace: Today Is A Good Day 2012  925 silver, copper, paint, lapis lazuli, red coral, silkAlice Potter  Necklace: Today Is A Good Day 2012  925 silver, copper, paint, lapis lazuli, red coral, silk

Melinda Young  Necklace: A place to start and A string of thoughts 2012  Acrylic and wax on canvas, freshwater pearls, yellow jade, 925 silver, silk threadMelinda Young  Necklace: A place to start and A string of thoughts 2012  Acrylic and wax on canvas, freshwater pearls, yellow jade, 925 silver, silk thread

6b/ 2 Danks St
Waterloo NSW 2017
Ph/fax: 02 9698 7999
Open: Tues – Sat 11 – 6pm
Email –

EXPO ‘L’Age d’Or by MPR’ – Lireille Gallery, Oakland CA (USA) – 21 Sept. 2012

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Meghan Patrice Riley – « L’Age D’Or by MPR »  vendredi 21 septembre, 17:30 (PDT), at  Lireille – Gallery of Contemporary Jewelry and Art  3980 Piedmont Ave. , Oakland CA 94611

Using a colorful pastel palette reminiscent of her 80′s California coast childhood, MPR designed the L’Age D’Or collection using art deco motifs to translate her own personal golden era. The collection is made from MPR’s signature nylon-coated steel, sterling silver, crystal quartz and amazonite.


Lireille – Gallery of Contemporary Jewelry and Art
3980 Piedmont Ave. , Oakland CA 94611 (USA)
tel +1 510-547-3455


EXPO ‘Cromatica’ – Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago (Chile) – 8 Sept.-25 Oct. 2012

JoyaBrava presents CROMATICA

Cromatica, puts together a selection of contemporary jewellery inspired in color, as a starting point. Jewellers are challenged to think about the language of a single colour. As a result, this exhibition shows a composition of fourty pieces, that talk in a variety of voices. Presenting ideas, thoughts, and even critical views.

 Cromatica  Artists: Amenábar Paulina, Antúnez Guillermina, Ávila Soledad, Berguño Virginia, Betancourt Claudia (Walka), Bugueiro Marcela, Céspedes Analya, Constanza Soto, De La Fuente Pamela, Del Fierro Paulina, Durandin Pascal, Fernández Loreto, Fissore Gabriela, Garretón Valentina, González Mariela, Harsanyi Gabriela, Hernandez Nicolás, Honorato Marcos, Hornauer Carolina, Joyce Marin, Labra Pilar, Latorre Paulina, Martínez Valeria, Mendez Carolina, Díaz Mónica, Moreira Camilo, Muñoz Massiel,

Joya Brava es la Asociación gremial de joyeros contemporáneos Chilenos que reúne a 47 socios, los cuales son un referente de la joyería chilena actual.
El objetivo de JoyaBrava es difundir, desarrollar y fortalecer la joyería contemporánea chilena para insertarla en el circuito tanto artístico como cultural. Además de desarrollar vínculos con las diferentes disciplinas que incluyen el diseño como principal inspiración (escultura, artes visuales, arquitectura , diseño industrial , etc)
JoyaBrava es una organización sin fines de lucro que mantiene una plataforma de intercambio para crear, difundir e informar proyectos de Joyería contemporánea, organizar exposiciones y eventos culturales y/o educacionales, además de establecer redes de contacto con otras organizaciones a nivel mundial.

Joya Brava=Asociacion Joyeria Contemporanea Chilena (EXPO Cromatica)

Paulina Amenábar  — Guillermina Antúnez  — Soledad Ávila  — Virginia Berguño  — Claudia Betancourt (Walka studio) — Marcela Bugueiro  — Analya Céspedes  — Constanza Soto — Pamela De La Fuente  — Paulina Del Fierro  — Pascal Durandin  — Loreto Fernández  — Gabriela Fissore  — Valentina Garretón  — Mariela González  — Gabriela Harsanyi  — Nicolás Hernandez  — Marcos Honorato — Carolina Hornauer  — Marin Joyce  — Pilar Labra  — Paulina Latorre  — Valeria Martínez — Carolina Mendez  — Mónica Díaz  — Camilo  Moreira — Massiel Muñoz — Ana Nadjar  — Natalia Saldías — Noelle Labharte  — Liliana Ojeda — Ilonka Palocz — Mónica Pérez  — Stefania Piccoli  — Polin Fugón  — Esteban Reszczynski  — Rita Soto  — Cecilia Rocatagliata  — Vania Ruiz  (CasaKiro) — Eduardo Sepúlveda (Hibrida) — Pía Walker .

Carolina Hornauer  Brooch: The inner light #1 2012  Oxidized silver, acrlylic paint  photo by Stefania PiccoliCarolina Hornauer  Brooch: The inner light #1 2012  Oxidized silver, acrlylic paint  photo by Stefania Piccoli

Ana Nadjar - Necklace: Untitled 2012  Steel, feltAna Nadjar – Necklace: Untitled 2012  Steel, felt

Massiel Muñoz - Necklace: Garnet Red Nest 2012 - Silver, horse hair, garnets, thread  photo by Stefania PiccoliMassiel Muñoz – Necklace: Garnet Red Nest 2012 – Silver, horse hair, garnets, thread  photo by Stefania Piccoli

Liliana Ojeda  Brooch: In-habit 2012  Silver plated copper, synthetic enamel  photo by Stefania PiccoliLiliana Ojeda  Brooch: In-habit 2012  Silver plated copper, synthetic enamel  photo by Stefania Piccoli

Soledad Ávila  Pendant: Heart 2012  Copper, japanese laquer, leather  photo by Stefania PiccoliSoledad Ávila  Pendant: Heart 2012  Copper, japanese laquer, leather  photo by Stefania Piccoli

Claudia Betancourt  Pieces: Bloom 2012  Silver, horse hair  Ring and Earrings  photo by Stefania PiccoliClaudia Betancourt  Pieces: Bloom 2012  Silver, horse hair  Ring and Earrings  photo by Stefania Piccoli

Vania Ruiz  Necklace: Picoroco on pearl 2012  Picoroco shell, gold leaf, resin  photo by Stefania PiccoliVania Ruiz  Necklace: Picoroco on pearl 2012  Picoroco shell, gold leaf, resin  photo by Stefania Piccoli

Analya Céspedes  Necklace: Blue Landscape 2012  Lapislázuli, sterling silver, 18k gold, oxidized found metal  photo by Stefania PiccoliAnalya Céspedes  Necklace: Blue Landscape 2012  Lapislázuli, sterling silver, 18k gold, oxidized found metal  photo by Stefania Piccoli

Cecilia Roccatagliata  Ring: Yellow Length 2012  Silver, resin, guitar string  photo by Stefania PiccoliCecilia Roccatagliata  Ring: Yellow Length 2012  Silver, resin, guitar string  photo by Stefania Piccoli



Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
Parque Forestal s/n
Casilla 3209 – Santiago
Telephone: 56-2 49 91 600


EXPO ‘Bijou Contemporain – Collection de la Ville’ – Espace Solidor, Cagnes-sur-Mer (FR) – 3 Oct. 2012-17 Fevr. 2013

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 Bijou Contemporain – Collection de la Ville

La Ville de Cagnes-sur-Mer expose sa collection de bijoux contemporains du 3 octobre 2012 au 17 février 2013, à l ’Espace Solidor du Haut-de-Cagnes.
L’ancien magasin d ’antiquités de l’illustre chanteuse Suzy Solidor, transformé en véritable écrin, vous accueille pour découvrir une collection unique en France, avec notamment des bijoux inédits acquis lors des dernières expositions «Schmuck 2011», «Denis et Gaëtan Essayie» , ou encore «Campagne-sans-Mer».
Ces oeuvres exceptionnelles sont le fruit d’un long travail de recherche de la part des artistes. Tout comme l’art contemporain, le bijou contemporain constitue un champ d’expérimentations illimité et riche de multiples possibilités plastiques.
Bois, pierres, acier, objets de récupération mais aussi matières précieuses fusionnent pour donner naissance à des créations géométriques, figuratives ou abstraites, qui ont toutes le même point commun : la conception de l’artiste à l ’origine de la création, en opposition à l’ornementation pure du bijou traditionnel.
Acquis depuis des années lors des expositions temporaires, ces bijoux constituent un panorama exceptionnel sur cet art encore trop méconnu en France, mais dont la Ville de Cagnes-sur-Mer est devenu le représentant emblématique, avec notamment l ’obtention du label «Ville et Métiers d’Art» en 1995.


Espace Solidor
place du Château
Tél : 04 93 73 14 42


EXPO ‘Le LABO’ – Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h (Montréal, (Québec, Canada) – 21 Sept.-7 Oct. 2012

Le Labo : Participants aux ateliers de créations dirigés par Noel Guyomarc’h

LE LABO est le nom donné aux ateliers de création dirigés par Noel Guyomarc’h. Du 21 septembre au 7 octobre, les participants exposeront le résultat de leur travail de recherche et bien plus encore.

Le Labo (Montréal (Québec), Canada)  21-Sep-2012 - 07-Oct-2012(collier Anne-Marie Rébillard)

Au cours de ces rencontres, les participants doivent réaliser des bijoux à partir d’un thème, d’une idée, d’un concept ou encore à partir de matériaux stimulants ou parfois contraignants. Les ateliers ont pour objectif de briser les routines de recherche et de fabrication par l’utilisation de matériaux traditionnels ou inhabituels afin d’explorer de nouvelles avenues créatives. Ces ateliers regroupent des étudiants récemment gradués mais également des joailliers actifs depuis plusieurs années. 
Deux groupes sont réunis pour cette exposition. Le premier est à sa deuxième année de participation et devait réaliser une collection de bijoux répondant aux nouvelles possibilités offertes pendant leur première année. Le second, au cours de cette première année, confrontait les thèmes imposés. 
Le résultat est surprenant. Bousculés mais inspirés par ces exercices, les participants ont créé des bijoux inusités, audacieux qui rivalisent d’originalité ; compositions inattendues, combinaisons de matériaux rare-ment employés dans la fabrication de bijoux comme le composite de bois, le ciment ou encore des boites de conserves. Ces ateliers ont offert une liberté expressive nouvelle, rarement permise durant leur formation. Abstraites ou narratives, les collections proposées ont une force plastique peu exploitée en joaillerie traditionelle.
Certaines des oeuvres réalisées dans le cadre de ces ateliers ont été présentées dans différents événements culturels au Québec et en Ontario. Gabrielle Desmarais s’est retrouvée finaliste au prix François Houdé en 2011. Un collier, fait de fils électriques et de trombones de Catherine Sheedy a été choisi pour le premier numéro de Exhibition in print du Metal Art Guild de l’Ontario. Lidia Raymond a été nommée artiste du mois (février 2012) par la revue Artère, et a remporté ex aequo avec Émilie Trudel les prix de la création et de la réalisation de bijou lors du Colloque québécois en joaillerie-bijouterie tenu à Québec en 2011. En juillet dernier, Émilie Trudel (finaliste cette année pour le prix François Houdé) et Anne-Marie Rébillard étaient sélectionnées par jury à participer à une exposition intitulée «Jewellery, Eh», présentée durant un événe-ment important de la Society of North American Goldsmiths, une association américaine de renom, qui se tiendra à Toronto en mai 2013.
La diversité des propositions présentées est surprenante et stimulante. On découvre les possibilités que ces ateliers leur ont offerts et l’impact qu’ils ont eu dans le cadre de leur pratique habituelle. Ils présenteront à la fois le résultat et de petites collections dérivées de leurs exercices.



Artists: Gabrielle DesmaraisJessie Grèves — Annie Loiseau — Katia Martel — Angela Marzinotto — Isabelle Métivier — Oriane Meyer — Camille Nyiri — Lidia Raymond — Anne-Marie Rébillard  — Nazanin Rostami – Marianne Séguin — Catherine Sheedy  — Ulrick Therrien  — Émilie Trudel

Anne-Marie Rébillard: Broche / Brooch 2012  Argent sterling / Sterling silverAnne-Marie Rébillard - Broche/Brooch 2012  Argent sterling/Sterling silverCatherine Sheedy : Découvertes et constatations - 2012 Brass, acrylic paint, cordCatherine Sheedy : Découvertes et constatations – Brass, acrylic paint, cordGabrielle Desmarais Brooch 2011 Silver, shibuichi, shell, epoxy, cementGabrielle Desmarais – Broche/Brooch  Shells, shibuichi, plaster, resin  (crédit photo: Jolianne L’allier Matteau)

Oriane Meyer  Brooch: Untitked 2012  CanOriane Meyer  Brooch: Untitked 2012  CanRing | Annie Loiseau  (Canada). 2011.  Sterling silver and paper. Photo: Michel GauvinAnnie Loiseau  – « Spécimen 1″ bague  argent sterling et papier  2011 -   photo: Michel GauvinIsabelle Métivier  Isabelle MétivierAngela MarzinottoAngela MarzinottoNazanin Rostami (Iran/Canada) - Nazanin Rostami (Iran/Canada)



Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h
4836 boulevard St-Laurent
Montréal H2T 1R5
tel +1 514-840-9362


EXPO ‘Fairy Tale’ – Galerie Annick Zufferey, Genève (CH) – 28 Sept.-23 Oct. 2012

Florie Dupont  EXPOSE À GENÈVE  Vernissage le jeudi 27 septembre à 18h00
Solo Show / galerie Annick Zufferey, Geneva

Florie Dupont

Florie Dupont - Fairytale - Sautoir / black rhodium plated silver, pearl / 2012Florie Dupont – Black Bird / necklace / rhodium plated silver 925, pearl

Florie Dupont  Broche, argent, diamants noirsFlorie Dupont  Broche, argent, diamants noirs


Galerie Annick Zufferey
Place des Charmettes, 1
1227 Carouge
T + F 022 343 03 05
mardi – vendredi 14h00 / 18h30
samedi 11h00 / 17h00
et sur rendez-vous.


EXPO ‘Sex,Drugs & Rock’n'Roll’ – Werkschau, Kempten (DE) – 28 Sept.-12 Oct. 2012

Sex, Drugs & Rock´n´Roll  Vices or Lifestyle?
internationale Wanderausstellung zeitgenössischen Schmucks
28.09. – 12.10.2012
Inaugurazione 28.09.2012 ore 19.00

sex drugs .... - werkschau - 28-09/12-10 2012

The perceptions of Dante Alighieri, who described the seven deadly sins and seven virtues in his Divine Comedy, are the starting point of the competition and exhibition project entitled Sex, Drugs & Rock ’n’ Roll…Vices or Lifestyle?
Dante Alighieri (1265—1321), the great Italian poet of the late Middle Ages, referred to lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride as deadly sins. We wanted to find out what jewelry artists think about vices and lifestyle in our day and age and asked them to illustrate, using their medium, the ideas associated in the past with sin and vice. Since the 1960s, the notion of sin, which was often associated with youth protests and women’s emancipation, has under gone major changes. Today, people in all modern societies are much less prone to regard sexuality in principle as a sin. Even the approach to drugs is much more differentiated, although we know that the use of and dealing with hard drugs are a worldwide problem. And it is also evident that even work, sports, TV and many other things can turn into “drugs” — not to mention alcohol, this socially acceptable drug which, as of late, is again being used excessively, especially by youths. In the light of the crises of the 21st century, the seven deadly sins and seven virtues described by Dante Alighieri have gained a new relevance. However, in addition to the “traditional” seven deadly sins, there are a number of entirely new vices and tres passes that play an important role in everyday life in the year 2012. Destruction of the environment, excessive arms build up in view of permanent hunger crises, or genetic engineering can be regarded as sins of our time and are topics that dominate both the media and the public discourse today.
On the one hand, the Sex, Drugs & Rock ’n’ Roll….. Vices or Lifestyle? competition puts contemporary jewelry in the lime light. All over the world, this highly traditional medium is being used by more or less academically trained designers in a largely liberal artistic fashion. Any material is allowed, and an almost unlimited spectrum of ideas can be expressed in these body related creations. What unites the protagonists of modern jewelry is the idea that their medium is neither supposed to serve merely as a fashionable accessory nor as a means of representation. Artistically designed jewelry is above all a carrier of ideas. On the other hand, the theme of the competition is particularly interesting for jewelry creators because jewelry has been regarded from a moral aspect since the time of the Enlightenment. Expensive jewels — which only the very rich can afford — still evoke envy and resentment, provoke crime and are associated with vice. Especially in this respect, contemporary jewelry is considered a counter-concept. It is intended for imaginative wearers who appreciate inventive creativity and individuality. We would like to thank all the participants for their contributions and our jurors, Barbara Schmidt and Giovanni Corvaja, for their expert selection.
Heidemarie Herb und Luigi Mariani


Artists :
Sabine Amtsberg — Michael BergerLuisa Bruni — Cristina Dias — Susanne ElstnerMaria Rosa FranzinNicoletta FrigerioFrancesca GabrielliFabiana GadanoMarta HrycAnnamaria Iodice — Hadas Levin — Rikke Lunnemann — Alessandro PetrolatiClaudio RanfagniZoe RobertsonNora RochelMaurizio StagniClaudia Steiner — Barbara Von TaeuffenbachKaren Vanmol — Angelo Verga

Michael Berger  Ring: Knuckle bandit  925 silver, partial black coated, stainless steelMichael Berger  Ring: Knuckle bandit  925 silver, partial black coated, stainless steel

Fabiana Gadano - Necklace: Elegant dependence  925 silver, beadsFabiana Gadano  Necklace: Elegant dependence  925 silver, beads

Francesca Gabrielli  Brooch: Social Vices 2012  Silver  7 x 7 cm  Front view. All brooches together. 1Francesca Gabrielli  Brooch: Social Vices 2012  Silver  7 x 7 cm  Front view. All brooches together. 3

Francesca Gabrielli  Brooch: Social Vices 2012  Silver  7 x 7 cm  Front view.  All brooches together.

Francesca Gabrielli  Brooch: Social Vices 2012  Silver  7 x 7 cm  Back side viewFrancesca Gabrielli  Brooch: Social Vices 2012  Silver  7 x 7 cm  Back side view

Luisa Bruni - "OBLOMOV (o dell’accidia)" 1Luisa Bruni -   OBLOMOV (o dell’accidia) (final ring)

"OBLOMOV (o dell’accidia)" - Luisa  Bruni (exhibition "sex drugs n' rock'n'roll"Luisa Bruni – OBLOMOV (o dell’accidia) – bronzo, perla, zirconi, smalto, resina, colore acrilico, nilon, talco -  L’anello vuole ricordare una lavorazione quasi imperiale dell’oggetto, con decorazioni e smalti che ci riportano alla Russia degli Zar, ma, per essere il ritratto di Oblomov, ricoperta da una ragnatela così fitta e polverosa da celare qualunque bellezza vi sia all’interno.

werkschau. simone winkler

Memmingerstraße 16
87439 – Kempten
Telephone: 0049(0)831-5209430



EXPO ‘Lucia Bartkova & Ladislava Repkova – jewellery & design’ – Galeria ČIN ČIN, Bratislava (Slovakia) – 6-30 Sept. 201

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« Lucia BartkovaLadislava Repkova – jewellery & design »  à la Galéria ČIN ČIN

(šperk a dizajn  (šperk-jewelry))

Galéria ČIN ČIN

Ladislava Repkova et Lucia Bartkova.Ladislava Repkova et Lucia Bartkova

Ladislava Repkova et Lucia Bartkova,

lord of the rings / Lucia BartkováLucia Bartkova – lord of the rings

Lucia Bartkova (Slovakia)Lucia Bartkova




Galéria ČIN ČIN
Podjavorinskej 4A
811 03 Bratislava
tel +421 905 206 298


EXPO ‘Make it big, make it red, make it shiny’ – Galerie Rob Koudijs, Amsterdam (NL) – 15 Sept.-27 Oct. 2012

DAVID BIELANDER  Make it big, make it red, make it shiny

Concepts, introspection and profound thinking are common phenomena in contemporary jewellery. Fortunately David Bielander enriched his profession with humour and playfulness. It did not go unnoticed: after the Förderpreis für Kunsthandwerk of the city of Munich in 2009, the prestigious Herbert Hofmannpreis 2010 in Germany and the Swiss Federal Design Award 2012, Bielander’s capabilities also earned him this year the Dutch Françoise van den Bosch Prijs. He also finds recognition as a teacher: at first at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in the German city of Halle and nowadays he is connected to the jewellery-class of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.
It is David Bielander’s gift to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. He is capable of capturing the visual characteristics of everyday things like fruits or animals in unusual materials. Even though it’s unlikely that you’ll take a bite from his new ‘Strawberry’ pendants, they are as seductive as the real thing. With Bielander it is the object that counts. Every meaning or association should stem from the work itself; shape, colour, flexibility, weight and finish should all contribute to its eloquence. He would never miniaturize anything to make it suitable for jewellery, for the power of his pieces comes from blending the familiar with the unexpected. It is exactly that quality that always brings a smile to everyone’s face.
Ward Schrijver
(© Galerie Rob Koudijs)

David Bielander  Pendant: Strawberry 2012  Gold, leatherDavid Bielander  Pendant: Strawberry 2012  Gold, leather

  david Bielander - bracelet 'koi' - thumb tacks, leather, silver 2012David Bielander – bracelet ‘koi’ – thumb tacks, leather, silver 2012

  david Bielander - necklace 'mamba' - titanium, gold 2012David Bielander – necklace ‘mamba’ – titanium, gold 2012


Galerie Rob Koudijs
Elandsgracht 12
1016 TV – Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 (0)20 331 87 96
Fax: +31 (0)6 139 05 554


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