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EXPO ‘Peta Kruger: This Fool’s Gold’ – Pieces of Eight Gallery, Melbourne (AU) – 4 Sept.-6 Oct. 2012

Peta Kruger: This Fool’s Gold  – Pieces of Eight Gallery  (Melbourne, Australia)  04-Sep-2012 – 06-Oct-2012

This spring, Adelaide based jeweller Peta Kruger installs This Fool’s Gold, her new solo exhibition at Pieces of Eight Gallery. Her new work, created exclusively for this exhibition, comprises entirely of painted brass works, demonstrating a continued link between her practice as an illustrator and jeweller. These wearable works are lively, and informed by her much loved jewellery collection from childhood. Working with the large dimensions of the façade, Kruger has also created over scaled interpretations of her work, painted on board.
This exhibition follows her recent mentorship with German jeweller Karl Fritsch and is her first solo exhibition in Melbourne.
The jewellery collection that I grew up treasuring included plated orchid souvenirs, Disney charms, leather gum leaves, ‘tiger eye’ and painted plastics. It was by observing and interacting with these pieces that I came to understand the basics of object construction. There was very little materially precious jewellery; colour and shape was what I valued most.
Brass is a material that can be used to learn the basics of jewellery making, and I take great comfort and pleasure in continuing to work with it. It allows me to cut, bend and stick parts together in a playful and spontaneous way, slowly discovering a collection of shapes and patterns with which I am happy.” Peta Kruger, June 2012.

Peta Kruger: This Fool’s Gold  Place: Pieces of Eight Gallery  (Melbourne, Australia)  04-Sep-2012 - 06-Oct-2012

Peta Kruger  Brooch: This Fool’s Gold,  Brass, silver, paintPeta Kruger  Brooch: This Fool’s Gold,  Brass, silver, paint

Peta Kruger  Neckpiece: This Fool’s Gold  Brass, silk cord, paintPeta Kruger  Neckpiece: This Fool’s Gold  Brass, silk cord, paint



Pieces of Eight Gallery
28 Russell Place
VIC 3000 – Melbourne
Telephone: +613 9497 8121

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