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EXPO ‘Dominique Labordery & Rainer Knaust’ – Galerie Orfèo, Luxembourg – 5 Oct.-10 Nov. 2012

Dominique Labordery (jewelry) and Rainer Knaust (photo)

Dominique Labordery (jewelry) and Rainer Knaust (photo)    - Orfèo  (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)  05-Oct-2012 - 10-Nov-2012    website:  mail: orfeo@pt.luphoto Rainer Knaust

  »My jewellery requires movement, analysis and contemplation. It needs to be discovered again and again. My intention is to combine graphical forms, clear structures and sensitivity of colour. This expression of form is created by precise craftsmanship, using traditional techniques and a mix of materials. » – Dominique Labordery

Dominique Labordery: Kollier "winter"Dominique Labordery: Kollier « winter »
Dominique Labordery: Kollier "almost black"Dominique Labordery: Kollier « almost black »
Dominique Labordery: Brosche BURNING DESIREDominique Labordery: Brosche BURNING DESIRE
Dominique Labordery: Brosche "just me"Dominique Labordery: Brosche « just me »
Dominique Labordery - ring - Galerie Orfèo - LuxembourgDominique Labordery – ring


28, Rue des Capucins
L-1313 – Luxembourg
Telephone: +352-222325

EXPO ‘Joyas Sensacionales – lo Olvidado’ – Lalabeyou, Madrid (ES) – 19 Oct.-14 Nov. 2012

Joyas Sensacionales – Lo Olvidado – Madrid oct 2012

Colección del grupo joyas sensacionales, coordinada por Silvia Walz, profesora de la Escuela Massana de Barcelona
En este proyecto 17 artistas se unen para hablarnos de LO OLVIDADO. La muestra sensible, diferente, única será la primera que visite a Madrid. Contaremos con la presencia de varios de sus representantes para que os puedan hablar de su obra en directo.
Inauguración a partir de las 20:00 en la galería LALABEYOU. con un pequeño ágape, como siempre.
Del 19 de octubre al 14 de noviembre.

Joyas Sensacionales - Madrid oct 2012


LalabeyouTravesía de Belén nº 2 – Local 1
Madrid (ES)
tel 653300154 (Laura)

EXPO ‘Leonor Hipólito: Beyond Emotions’ – Goldfingers, Copenhagen (DK) – 12 Oct.-8 Nov. 2012

« Leonor Hipólito: Beyond Emotions »  – Goldfingers  (Copenhagen, Denmark)  12-Oct-2012 – 08-Nov-2012

 "Leonor Hipólito: Beyond Emotions"  Place: Goldfingers  (Copenhagen, Denmark)  12-Oct-2012 - 08-Nov-2012    website:  mail:

Leonor Hipólito – object/pendant : Beyond Emotions 2012 – Goldplated brass

« Beyond Emotions projects moments of my life that lingered in my mind for a long time blurring the boundaries between emotions of the past and the present. In the attempt to visualize them, by the exercise of producing works, I am not illustrating but rather evoking an emotional content. Wearable, they hold onto the body playing their role as metaphors for both placement and displacement.
Beyond Emotions is also a book in which my works and my writings interweave with one another to form a single picture yet variable in perspective.
The book was realized in collaboration with Arne Kaiser who did the photography and graphic design. » Leonor Hipólito 2012

Leonor Hipólito, Necklace, 2011Leonor Hipólito, Necklace Beyond Emotions – Leather, 2011


Klosterstræde 18
1157 – Copenhagen
Telephone: (+45) 32173730


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