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EXPO ‘Contemporary German Jewellery’ – Testa Gallery, Sofia (Bulgaria) – 25 Oct.-31 Dec. 2012

Contemporary German Jewellery

With the Contemporary German Jewellery exhibition TESTA Gallery is pleased to present 17 innovative artists from Germany working in the area of contemporary jewellery. Some of them are well-known and internationally recognized.
Inspired by classical techniques and materials or entirely experimental in their approach, the works of each participant are wearable art objects, original and exiting, with their own distinctive style.

Contemporary German Jewellery - Sofia Bulgaria -  Testa Gallery  (Sofia, Bulgaria)  25-Oct-2012 - 31-Dec-2012  - X


Artists:  Anke HennigBeate EismannBernhard SimonBettina GoetschBirgit HagmannClaudia RinnebergDoris BetzIris BodemerIsabel DammermannIsabell SchauppKarin Seufert Melanie NuetzelNora RochelSibylle KrauseSilke TrekelUlrike PoelkVerena Schreppel.

 Doris Betz broochDoris Betz – Brooch: Untitled  Silver, lacquer

Isabell Schaupp  Brooch: Untitled  Silver, copper, enamel, photo, coral, textile  7,6 x 8,5 x 2,3 cmIsabell Schaupp  Brooch: Untitled  Silver, copper, enamel, photo, coral, textile

Nora Rochel  Ring: Untitled  925 blackened silver  10 x 4.5 x 3 cmNora Rochel  Ring: Untitled  925 blackened silver 
Isabel Dammermann  Brooch: Vesica  Silver, plexiglas, transparent paperIsabel Dammermann  Brooch: Vesica  Silver, plexiglas, transparent paper

Bettina Goetsch  Necklace: 02 Linje  Silver, coral  Ø 4.5 cmBettina Goetsch  Necklace: 02 Linje  Silver, coral

Necklace: Untitled | Birgit Hagmann / Contemporary German JewelleryBirgit Hagmann  Necklace: Untitled  Wire

Beate Eismann  Brooch: Untitled  Silver, lacquer, textile thread  6 cmBeate Eismann  Brooch: Untitled  Silver, lacquer, textile thread

Silke Trekel  Necklace: Rollers II  Chased iron, enamelled, alpaccaSilke Trekel  Necklace: Rollers II  Chased iron, enamelled, alpacca

Anke Hennig  earrings "Anomaly 3"  rayon, nylon, glass beads,silver 925 oxydizedAnke Hennig  earrings « Anomaly 3″  rayon, nylon, glass beads,silver 925 oxydized

Anke Hennig - “Linea” FlourishRing in nylon, rayon, oxidized silver and glass beads 220£Anke Hennig – Flourish Ring

Karin Seufert  rings - silver, coloritKarin Seufert  rings – silver, colorit

Verena Schreppel – shot ringVerena Schreppel – shot ring

Claudia Rinneberg  rings- iron, silverClaudia Rinneberg  rings – iron, silver

Bernhard Simon  Rings: Austern  GlassBernhard Simon – rings serie ‘Austern’ – glass




Testa Gallery
Tsar Ivan Shishman 8 str
1000 – Sofia
Telephone: +359 2 981 83 63
Telephone: +359 887 64 89 73

EXPO ‘OP VOORRAAD’ – POPS up at KLIMT02 Gallery, Barcelona (ES) – 28 Nov.-22 Dec. 2012

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OP VOORRAAD – jewellery pop-up store – 28 Nov in BARCELONA at the KLIMT02 gallery !

Klimt02 | Gallery presents in Barcelona OP VOORRAAD: The jewellery POP-UP STORE. In 2009 Ineke Heerkens, Jantje Fleischhut and Jeannette Jansen, three Amsterdam based designers, took the initiative to present contemporary jewellery in an unconventional display. This year for the first time the show makes the last stop in Barcelona.  OP VOORRAAD - jewellery pop-up store - 28 Nov in BARCELONA !OP VOORRAAD is The jewellery POP-UP STORE in a hardware shop coat.
In 2009 Ineke Heerkens, Jantje Fleischhut and Jeannette Jansen, three Amsterdam based designers, took the initiative to present contemporary jewellery in an unconventional display.

EXPO 'OP VOORRAAD' - POPS up at KLIMT02 Gallery, Barcelona (ES) - 28 Nov.-22 Dec. 2012 dans BARCELONA archiefshop

OP VOORRAAD shows the jewellery in what appears to be a hardware shop including its typical perforated walls, supermarket trolleys, cash register, price labels and jewellery displayed in blister packaging.
This intriquing combination succeeds in its aim to trigger the nerve of consumerism and provides a sparkling place where new jewellery design can both be admired and purchased.

OP VOORRAAD shows work of around seventy renowned as well as young international designers. For this concept the designers produce a jewellery multiple in an edition of five. Beginning of each year the collection will be completely renewed. Most of the 360 pieces of the collection 2012 are handmade.

Artists at the show:
Adam Paxon — Andrea Wagner — Annelies Planteijdt — Antje Godglück — Atelier Ted Noten — Benedikt Fischer — Beppe Kessler — Bettina Kreb — Birgit Laken — C & C — Christina Pauls — Christoph Zellweger — Constanze Schreiber — Dana Seachuga — Dinie Besems — Ela Bauer — Evert Nijland — Floor Mommersteeg — Gésine Hackenberg — Hilde de Decker — Ineke Heerkens — Iris Nieuwenburg — Jacomijn van der Donk — Jantje Fleischhut — Jeannette Jansen — Karin Seufert — Karola Torkos — Ketli Tiitsar — Kseniya Obukhova — Lucy Sarneel — Luzia Vogt — Maaike Ebbinge — Malou Paul — Manon van Kouswijk — Marcella Ferretti — Märta Mattsson — Masako Hamaguchi — Mette Saabye — Mi-Ah — Mikiko Minewaki — Patricia Thomazo — PE/AH — Peter Hoogeboom — Roos van Soest — Ruudt Peters — Sarah Enoch — SMJD Accessoires — Susanne Hammer — Susanne Klemm — Suzanne Esser — Tabea Reulecke — Ulrich Reithofer — Ursula Woerner.


op_voorraad_nov12_1 dans Espagne (ES)Antje Godglueck -  Bracelet: The Wine Dark Sea 2012 – Antique wood, paint
Size: S – M – L  – Colours: blue, yellow, green, red, turquoise – Price: 300 €

op_voorraad_nov12_3 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Floor Mommersteeg – Brooch: Cube 2012 – Nylon, steel – 3,5 cm – Colours: various
Price: 95 €
op_voorraad_nov12_21 dans Gal. Klimt02 (ES)Gésine Hackenberg   – Ring: Berry 2012 – Stoneware dessert plates, silver  –
Colours: Dessert plate is also available in combination with ring – Price: 250 €
Mette Saaybe  Brooch: The Gold Badge 2012  24 karat gold leaf, steel  8 x 8 x 0,5 cmMette Saaybe  Brooch: The Gold Badge 2012  24 karat gold leaf, steel  8 x 8 x 0,5 cm
Ketli Tiitsar  Brooch: Chestnuts 2012  Silver (oxidized), painted wood, steel  3 to 5 cm x 1,5 to 4 cm  Different models availableKetli Tiitsar  Brooch: Chestnuts 2012  Silver (oxidized), painted wood, steel  3 to 5 cm x 1,5 to 4 cm  Different models available – Price: 135 €
Adam Paxon  Brooch: Squirming 2012  Acrylic, polyester resin, steel  Size: S - LAdam Paxon  Brooch: Squirming 2012  Acrylic, polyester resin, steel  Size: S – L – Prices are S – 335€ or L – 375€
Evert Nijland  Brooch: Riflessa 2012  Glass, steel  8 cm  Different models availableEvert Nijland  Brooch: Riflessa 2012  Glass, steel  8 cm  Different models available
PE/AH  Brooch: Oiseau 2012  Aluminium anodized, stainless steel  10 x 4cm  Colours: blue, blackPE/AH  Brooch: Oiseau 2012  Aluminium anodized, stainless steel  10 x 4cm  Colours: blue, black
Märta Mattsson  Brooch: Fossil 2012  Cicade, crushed pyrite/azurite, resin, silver  13 x 8 x 3cm  Colours: variousMärta Mattsson  Brooch: Fossil 2012  Cicade, crushed pyrite/azurite, resin, silver  13 x 8 x 3cm  Colours: various -Price 600€

Andrea Wagner  Necklace: A Girl's Best Friends 2012  Silver, synthetic resin  Size:various  Colours: transparent white or yellowAndrea Wagner  Necklace: A Girl’s Best Friends 2012  Silver, synthetic resin  Size:various  Colours: transparent white or yellow
KLIMT02 gallery
Riera de Sant Miquel, 65
08006 – Barcelona
Telephone: +34 933687235

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