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EXPO ‘Below Sea Level’ – Galleri Format, Oslo (Norway) – 17 Janv.-17 Mars 2013

Below Sea Level – Jewellery from the Netherlands

(Manon van Kouswijk « Pearl Walk » Amsterdam)

Artists:  Ruudt Peters Ted NotenLucy SarneelManon van KouswijkEvert NijlandJantje FleischhutGésine HackenbergIris NieuwenburgNhat-Vu Dang


Today jewellery in the Netherlands is versatile; many different sources of inspiration, approaches and styles co-exist. Yet there is a mentality and an engagement that goes much further than just aesthetics. One can identify certain key notions that touch the chore of this approach: questioning, experimenting, abstraction, consistency, and the tendency to do things well but with a playful touch, to investigate profoundly and to work with a qualifying concept or narrative. The selected artists are all different and unique in their approach, but share the same inquiring mentality. The selection includes an iconoclast, an entertaining conceptualist, a joyous zinc smith, a chain artist, a romanticist, a designer in synthetic materials, a still life pictorialist, a storyteller and a playful abstractionist – together they present Dutch jewellery in all its broadness.
The exhibition will also present the renowned project “Wanna Swap Your Ring” by Atelier Ted Noten. The installation consist of 500 Miss Piggy-rings in shocking pink mounted on the wall of the exhibition space, all placed within the imaginary contours of a handgun. Spectators can obtain a ring made by the master by replacing it with an old one of theirs. What counts is not the value. Noten is equally happy to receive precious rings or cheap ones. What counts is the exchange of old stories and new ones. All the stories together will gradually fill the pistol-shape, changing the symbol of aggression into a charming and multi-faceted scene. A shift in meaning occurs, as is often the case in work by Noten, who has a penchant for combining opposing symbols. For the attentive viewer, the interactive installation holds countless different meanings.

  EXPO 'Below Sea Level' - Galleri Format, Oslo (Norway) - 17 Janv.-17 Mars 2013 dans Evert NIJLAND (NL) WANNA_SWAP_YOUR_RING

Atelier Ted Noten / Wanna Swap your ring / Museum of Contemporary Art

3JinglingRoofsSarneeljpg dans Exposition/ExhibitionLucy Sarneel « Jingling Roofs » necklace

Yellow_Bracelet_by_KYLE_small dans Gal. Format (NO)Nhat-Vu Dang « Yellow Bracelet »


Galleri Format Oslo
Rådhusgaten 24
0151 – Oslo
Telephone: +47 22 41 45 40

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