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EXPO ‘Hit Home’ – Ubi Gallery, Beijing (China) – 2 fevr.-2 Mars 2013

« Hit Home » at Ubi Gallery, Beijing (Pékin)

Hit Home    ttp://

EXPO Hit Home

Mariko SUMIOKA (Japan) — Alice Bo-Wen CHANG (Taiwan) — XiaoMu  Zhao (China) — Hyeju Nam (Korea) –  Jie Sun (China) — Carissa HSU (Taiwan)

Temporarily located in Yangmeizhu Xiejie, Ubi Gallery is one of the first places in China to showcase high-end, contemporary jewelry design. Founded by Machtelt Schelling, a Dutch designer and art lover based in Beijing, Ubi aims to be a platform showcasing top Asian and European talent, and all pieces are carefully selected from high-quality studios and independent designers from China, Taiwan and Korea, as well as Germany and the Netherlands.

word-of-mouth-beijing-5.jpgJie Sun brooch

Carissa  Hsu brooch Carissa Hsu – brooch

Alice Bo-Wen Chang Alice Bo-Wen Chang

Alice Bo-Wen Chang - brooch puzzle Alice Bo-Wen Chang – brooch puzzle

Xiao Mu Zhao | ubi gallery Xiao Mu Zhao


UBI Gallery
Yangmeizhu Street 39, Dashilar
Xicheng District, 100051
Beijing, China

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