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Schmuck 2013 – EXPO ‘Perp Walk’ – Munich (DE) – 7-10 Mars 2013

Perp Walk : Babette Boucher, Nicola Scholz

07-Mar-2013 – 10-Mar-2013

Nicola Scholz and Babette Boucher: PERP WALK    Artists: Nicola Scholz, Babette Boucher  Place: Welserstr.13  (Munich, Germany)  07-Mar-2013 - 10-Mar-2013    mail:  mail:

during SCHMUCK : "PERP WALK"  Künstlerinnen: Babette Boucher, Nicola Scholz  Ort: Welserstr. 13, 81373 München  Telefonnr.: +49(0)89 – 32450198 oder  +49(0)176 – 23568016 oder +49(0)176 – 20903473  Eröffnung: Donnerstag, 07.03.2013 15:00 Uhr  Öffnungszeiten: Freitag, 08.03. – Sonntag, 10.03.2013, Freitag und Samstag 10:00 – 18:00 Uhr, Sonntag 10:00 – 14:00 Uhr    (oeuvre de Babette Boucher)Babette Boucher Julia und die Schlange, 2012 – Necklace. Pinecone, nylon cord, shakudo

Babette BoucherBabette BoucherAber Großmutter was hast du für ein entsetzlich großes Maul!, 2009Necklace. Shark teeth, lace, cord

Babette Boucher - Aber Großmutter was hast du für ein entsetzlich großes Maul!, 2009  Necklace. Iron, lace, cordBabette Boucher – Aber Großmutter was hast du für ein entsetzlich großes Maul!, 2009  Necklace. Iron, lace, cord

Nicola Scholz  Necklace: Untitled 2011  Horse Manure, goldNicola Scholz  Necklace: Untitled 2011  Horse Manure, gold

Nicola Scholz  Necklace: Untitled 2010  Spider, goldNicola Scholz  Necklace: Untitled 2010  Spider, gold

Nicola Scholz  Necklace: Untitled 2008  Egg membrane, goldNicola Scholz  Necklace: Untitled 2008  Egg membrane, gold

Nicola Scholz  Necklace: Untitled 2008  Thorn, steelNicola Scholz  Necklace: Untitled 2008  Thorn, steel


Welserstraße 13,
81373 München
Tel. +49 89 32450198
Fr 10-18, Sa 10-18, So 10-14 h

EXPO ‘Arrhythmia ‘ – Beyond Fashion, Antwerp (Belgium) – 14 Mars-20 Avril 2013

Carolina Apolonia: Arrhythmia  

 The heart. Unnoticed but for its consistent beat, it determines whether we live or die. The heart is thrilled when in love, swells with inspiration and good spirits, is flooded by passion and broken by grief.
My work, this collection, is about the resilience of the human heart; its rhythm pulsating with great joy, trouble and adversity. I used natural materials very close to the human skin: leather and parchment. By hand-stitching these materials to silver, I create new structures to be worn almost as an extension of the body; as outward expressions of the rhythms inside.
My mother taught me at a very early age how to stitch. Stitching holds memories of long happy hours working with her. I think I am drawn to its time-consuming, repetitive and meditative nature: it forces me to slow down and gives me a sense of freedom: that I can use the needle to connect and repair anything. Most of the leather I use for these pieces is old and recycled. So are the used book covers. Old and worn-out materials tell stories, they carry tales about how they’ve been cherished or abused. The stitching brings the old materials together, heals them, thus creating new narratives out of old histories.  Carolina Apolonia

Carolina Apolonia: Arrhythmia    Place: Beyond Fashion  (Antwerp, Belgium)  14-Mar-2013 - 20-Apr-2013Carolina Apolonia – Brooch – Leather, silver

Carolina Apolonia  Brooch  Leather, silverCarolina Apolonia – Brooch – Leather, silver




Beyond Fashion
Pourbusstraat 7
2000 – Antwerp
Telephone: +3232378541website:

EXPO ‘Borax08001′ – The Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau (DE) – 14 Mars-28 Avril 2013

Bórax08001… una vez más!.  Asociación de Joyeria Artística -

Bórax08001.. One more time!

at  Association for Goldsmiths’ Art. Hanau (Germany) – 14 mars-28 avril

Working in a multicultural group of 10 artists from eight nationalities enables the collective BORAX08001 to develop Artist Jewellery projects, which are not limited to a collection with its’ respective group exhibition, but it grants them the liberty to invent different ways to catch the publics’ attention outside the context usually defined.
That being a high street, a square, a museum, a workshop or a bar … public places that have all seen performances directed to one purpose: Make known BORAX08001’ work and idea of jewellery as art applied to the body to a public as wide as possible. The collective is conscious that opportunities need to be generated and that together they can reach bigger goals with a broader projection.

 Bórax08001... una vez más!. Asociación de Joyeria Artística- Hanau (Alemania)  Bórax08001.. One more time! Association for Goldsmiths' Art. Hanau (Germany) - 14 mars-28 avril

Artists: Carolina GimenoCarolina Martínez LinaresTrinidad ContrerasAline BerdichevskyGastón RoisDalia JuradoNelly Van OostPatrìcia Correia DominguesAndrea NabholzCristina Martí Mató

 Aline Berdichevsky (Borax08001) - Untitled, jewellery pieceAline Berdichevsky 

Gaston Rois "Cinco ya puesta" (Borax08001)Gaston Rois « Cinco ya puesta »

Landscape 3 Necklace by Patricia Domingues (Borax08001)Patricia Domingues Landscape 3 Necklace
BORAX08001 - Nelly Van Oost  Earrings: Rencontre 8 2012  Silver, new silver, paintNelly Van Oost  Earrings: Rencontre 8 2012  Silver, new silver, paint
ABORAX08001 - Carolina Martínez  Necklace: Encefalo 2009  Bullseye glass, silver, stainless steelCarolina Martínez  Necklace: Encefalo 2009  Bullseye glass, silver, stainless steel
BORAX08001 - Andrea Nabholz García  Necklace: Hex 7 serie 2010  Porcelain, silverAndrea Nabholz García  Necklace: Hex 7 serie 2010  Porcelain, silver
BORAX08001 - Carolina Gimeno  Brooch: Welfare Nº 1 2012  Leather, fabrics, copper, silver  8,5 x 13,5 x 3 cmCarolina Gimeno  Brooch: Welfare Nº 1 2012  Leather, fabrics, copper, silver  8,5 x 13,5 x 3 cm
Jewelry by Trinidad ContrerasTrinidad Contreras
Dalia Jurado -  "Lilith and the Loves Affairs" BroochDalia Jurado -  « Lilith and the Loves Affairs » Brooch
Cristina Martí Mató (BORAX08001)Cristina Martí Mató


The Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus
Altstädter Markt 6
63450 – Hanau
Telephone: +49 (0) 6181 2565-56
Fax: +49 (0) 6181 2565-54


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