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EXPO ‘(Not) An Englishman in Bangkok: Y-UK’ – ATTA Gallery, Bangkok (Thailand) – 28 Mars-28 Avril 2013

« (Not) An Englishman in Bangkok: Y-UK »

"(Not) An Englishman in Bangkok: Y-UK" -   Artists: Apawan Kultawanich, Bunvara Wannapin, Chayawat Ungrungseesopon, Jittrakarn Bunterngpiboon, Kuntee Sirikrai, Panjapol Kulpapangkorn, Siripim Apinuntakulchai.  -  ATTA Gallery (Bangkok, Thailand)  28-Mar-2013 - 28-Apr-2013    website:  mail:
The Exhibition “(Not) an Englishman in BKK: Y-UK” presents woks of young Thai jewellery artists/designers who received their post graduate Jewellery Design degrees from various prominent institutes in the United Kingdom. 
Living and studying abroad pose a unique experience for us Thai students as we are constantly pulled by two forces. One force comes from new experiences in foreign land, along with its new and exciting culture. Another force comes from old habits from our Mother Land and its culture and traditions that are so familiar to us. The two forces constantly shake us and make us think more about what’s going on around us and how to form our ways of communication.
Participating artists/designers have created pieces of jewellery based on their personal thoughts, interests and experiences. 
The branching out of thoughts of these designers who have stepped out of traditional boundary into another reflects new movement in the contemporary jewellery scene in Thailand. It makes us look back and re-examine possibility and boundary of jewellery…and that maybe there is no boundary at all… 
Dr. Apinya Boonprakob
Dr. Supavee Sirin-K-Raporn
Bangkok, 2013

Artists: Apawan Kultawanich — Bunvara Wannapin —  Chayawat Ungrungseesopon — Jittrakarn Bunterngpiboon — Kuntee Sirikrai – Panjapol Kulpapangkorn — Siripim Apinuntakulchai.

Apawan Kultawanich  Body piece: Translucent 2012  Plastic straws, silver, siliconeApawan Kultawanich  Body piece: Translucent 2012  Plastic straws, silver, silicone

Chayawat Ungrungseesopon  Bracelet: Contrast  Britannia silver, niello, Perspex Chayawat Ungrungseesopon  Bracelet: Contrast  Britannia silver, niello, Perspex

Kuntee Sirikrai  Necklace: Zero-G 2012  Rubber, steel, pealsKuntee Sirikrai  Necklace: Zero-G 2012  Rubber, steel, pearls

Panjapol Kulpapangkorn  Piece: Little Red Riding Hood with Her Car: Jewellery Is At My Feet 2013  Mixed-media of Lenia Zolia’s memoriesPanjapol Kulpapangkorn  Piece: Little Red Riding Hood with Her Car: Jewellery Is At My Feet 2013  Mixed-media of Lenia Zolia’s memories



Atta Gallery
O.P. Garden, Unit 1109, 4,6 Charoenkrung Soi 36
10500, Charoenkrung Road, Bangrak – Bangkok
Telephone: + 662 238 6422

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