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EXPO ‘Helter Skelter’ – Galerie Rosemarie Jäger, Hochheim (DE) – 7-28 Avril 2013

Helter Skelter. Exhibition. Galerie Rosemarie Jäger, Hochheim Germany

Helter Skelter. Exhibition. Galerie Rosemarie Jäger Hochheim -    Exhibition 7.4. - 28.4.2013   - Artists:  Alexander Blank  Attai Chen  Carina Chitsaz- Shoshtary  Melanie Isverding  Mia Maljojoki  Alexander Blank

Helter – skelter or harum – scarum or maybe rather hurly – burly … the question is:
Who or what will be topsy – turvy here? Staged as a „ collision „ between five jewelry makers, all of whom live in Munich but are of disparate origins, the first joint exhibition of Alexander Blank, Attai Chen, Carina Chitsaz- Shoshtary, Melanie Isverding and Mia Maljojoki will present intriguing jewelry creations at Rosemarie Jäger’s gallery in Hochheim.
These five jewelry artists met while studying in Professsor Otto Künzli’s class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Nevertheless, visitors will find no trace of homogeinity or uniformity in this exhibition, because each oft hem has found his or her own idiosyncratic „ language „ that manifests itself in their highly imaginative and original jewelry. What units them ist he sculptural quality of their pieces, which present themselves as small, three – dimensional wearble sculptures that also reveal demanding artistic standards and meticulous craftsmanship.

Helter Skelter  exhibition

Artists:  Alexander Blank –  Attai Chen  –  Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary  –  Melanie Isverding  –  Mia Maljojoki

expo Helter Skelter - Alexander BlankAlexander Blank jewels hanging 

Alexander Blank  Brooch: Jimmy 2013  Hand-carved high density foam, silver, graphite, lacquerAlexander Blank  Brooch: Jimmy 2013  Hand-carved high density foam, silver, graphite, lacquer

Mia Maljojoki  Neckpiece: Life is juicy-How fragile is your day#6 2013  Porcelain, elastic band, cotton  8 x 10 x 7 cmMia Maljojoki  Neckpiece: Life is juicy-How fragile is your day#6 2013  Porcelain, elastic band, cotton

Carina Chitsaz  Necklace: Shoshtary Gray with Stains 2012  Graffiti, silver  8 x 6,5 x 4 cmCarina Chitsaz  Necklace: Shoshtary Gray with Stains 2012  Graffiti, silver 

EXPO helter skelter - CARINA CHITSAZ-SHOSTARYCarina Chitsaz-Shoshtary



Galerie Rosemarie Jäger
Wintergasse 13
65239 – Hochheim am Main
Telephone: + 49(0) 6146 2203

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