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EXPO ‘Deganit Stern-Schocken: In the Air’ – Gallery Loupe, Montclair (NJ – USA) – 6-30 Avril 2013

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Deganit Stern-Schocken: In the Air‘ at Gallery Loupe From April 6 until April 30, 2013

« In this newest body of work, Stern-Schocken explores her earlier forms and imbues them with weightlessness.  This investigation stems from her interest in the ‘non-object’  and focuses on the space between the objects rather than on the object itself. The stones set into the brooches and pendants appear to be ‘in the air.’  Stern-Schocken’s silver and stainless steel structures attempt to ‘float’ the stone, while giving a sense of movement with intricately constructed hinges and mechanisms.  Some of the pendants involve cut-outs from airplane safety instructions that speak quite literally to being ‘in the air,’ being en route while at the same time being in danger. The tension between the pending catastrophe described in these little vignettes and the optimistic ‘smiley’ graphics, is captured in the metal frames. According to Stern-Schocken, In the Air was inspired by the design philosophy put forward in « NONOBJECT » – a book by designers Branko Lukić and Barry M. Kātz (MIT Press, 2011) in which they state:   »Nonobject is an approach to design that takes advantage of technical innovation but is not driven by it. It is human centered but doesn´t pander to the market. It starts not with the user or the object, but with the space between. »
In the air - Deganit Stern-Schocken - Gallery Loupe

Gallery Loupe
50 Church Street
Montclair, NJ
07042 USA
P 973 744 0061
F 973 744 0062

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