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EXPO ‘chain reaction’ – Shibumi gallery, Berkeley (USA) – 20 Avril-26 Mai 2013

‘chain reaction’ at Shibumi gallery

Artist Opening Reception Saturday April 20, 5-8pm
Elliot Gaskin
, Erica Schlueter

With a background in textiles, Erica Schlueter uses fiber processes in her jewelry creations. She elevates the humble act of knitting and highlights the beauty of repetition.
Elliot Gaskin‘s body of work was inspired by the gates of the Chateau de Versailles. Combining darkened steel with yellow brass, he forges stylized chains which meld industrial craftsmanship with an ornate and extravagant aesthetic

EXPO 'chain reaction' Shibumi gallery

Shibumi Gallery is hosting an exhibition that puts the spotlight on chain making. Titled ‘Chain Reaction,’ the exhibition will showcase works by contemporary art jewelers Elliot Gaskin and Erica Schlueter.
It will feature jewellery made using traditional chain making and knitting techniques.
In Gaskin’s work, darkened steel is combined with yellow brass to forge large, ornate chains. The necklaces fabricated for this show were inspired by the gates of the Chateau de Versailles.
Schlueter’s work, meanwhile, were crafted using fibre and textile techniques to knit delicate silver and gold chains.
The exhibition opens on April 20 and will run until May 26 at Shibumi Gallery in Berkeley, California.

« I’m really excited for this new collection inspired by the gates of Chateau de Versailles. The work that lead to my further exploration of steel and this new collection will premiere at Velvet da Vinci this Friday at the opening of FERROUS. The exhibition will feature jewelry made of ferrous metals by local and international jewelers.
Here are a few progress photos showing what the metal looks like before it’s transformation into finished jewelry. Hundreds of hand textured steel, brass and sterling wires like the ones pictured will be used in the collection.  » (Elliot Gaskin)

 Elliot Gaskin - exhibited at FERROUS (Velvet da Vinci) Detail photo of necklaces.Elliot Gaskin – details of necklaces

Elliot Gaskin  -   Necklaces are coming together for the Shibumi Studio & Gallery show! These three necklaces were created from the wires I posted in a picture last weekElliot Gaskin  -    three necklaces

Elliot Gaskin  -  Detail photo of the black steel necklace.Elliot Gaskin  -  Detail photo of the black steel necklace

Elliot Gaskin -   Detail of new bracelet.  7 3/4 in. x 1 in. Sterling silver & brassElliot Gaskin -   Detail of new bracelet.  7 3/4 in. x 1 in. Sterling silver & brass

Erica Schlueter necklaceErica Schlueter necklace

Erica Schlueter -  Knit Silver NecklaceErica Schlueter -  Knit Silver Necklace


 Shibumi Gallery
1402 Fifth Street .
Berkeley . CA . 94710
t. 510.528.7736
HOURS: Saturday 12-6pm & Sunday 12-5pm
+ by appointment during the week


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