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DETAILS from the every day life

…. Ou ce qu’il reste d’une vie trépidante de « fashion addict » ….. nous sommes « étiquetées » !!

Kajsa Lindberg  Brooch: Every Day – Clips 2008  Laminate, concrete  10 x 8 x 1 cmKajsa Lindberg « Everyday Clips » brooches  2008  Laminate, concrete  10 x 8 x 1 cm (Velvet da Vinci)

« Every day I’ve been working on the routines and rituals of everyday life. The system of repeats and symbols that we inhabit and need. I’m always collecting things I come into contact with – things that say something to me.
The project is reminiscent of archaeology. It’s a sort of contemporary archaeology. Instead of exploring a different age I try through my findings to find out what’s happening here and now. Just as notes form a pattern and a history for things. That’s what I use as my basis when I make my jewellery.
I watch the ground.
I have used the bike that is drawn on the streets. On my way again and again.
In the necklace I have used pieces of iron connected with rubber rings to form a chain. It is reminiscent of a bike chain and the bike is travelling around the body on its own chain.
With the same materials I have made broader and bigger necklaces. Protection.
Street stones. Letters. Signs.
If you look. Small codes everywhere.
Bread. » Kajsa Lindberg

from the everyday life - Elizabeth Callinicos brooches  Elizabeth Callinicos brooches (Velvet da Vinci)

Emily Gill www.emilygill.caEmily Gill 

Katherine Wheeler - Made from sewn inkjet printed fabric tags.Katherine Wheeler - Made from sewn inkjet printed fabric tags

Estadania r. de Almeida - Brooch notebook/tagEstadania r. de Almeida – Brooch notebook/tag

Florence Jaquet, 2011Florence Jaquet, 2011 Tea tags, cotton thread  (il semblerait que la « fashion addict » boive beaucoup de thé …..)

Yunju Lee‘s precious stains…  “The worthless and unpleasant stain that we find in our daily life can be transformed into the most valuable and fascinating jewellery. Jewellery is not always extraordinary, but it is an object tht we can learn in our daily life”Yunju Lee‘s precious stains…  “The worthless and unpleasant stain that we find in our daily life can be transformed into the most valuable and fascinating jewellery. Jewellery is not always extraordinary, but it is an object tht we can learn in our daily life”

Yunju Lee is a recent graduate from the jewelery program at london’s central st. martins. her works takes a decidedly opposite perspective to the idea of beauty in jewelery. instead of diamonds and gems, lee crafts brooches that look like stains from ketchup or a woman’s lips. other pieces include a nose ring that has a milk moustache hanging below and ring with a household iron pattern. while the subject in her work is commonplace and unconventional, she executes them in more traditional silver, gold and enamel. (designboom)

Small every day life mishaps are her starting point of creation. Her exquisite jewellery and the collection, which was about “worthless and unpleasant stains, which we find in our everyday lives”, were transformed into precious jewellery. A set of ketchup dribbles stain to be worn on your tie, black enameled sterling silver ink stains to pin on your shirt or a cheeky lipstick trace set on a solid gold collar. More girlie lips and charming milk mustache (nose ring) can be found at the collection. Her funky and delightful collection is exclusively available only in, London.

EXPO ‘In between’ – Museo N. de Cerámica, Valencia (ES) – 14 Mai-7 Juil. 2013

Christine Graf : « In between » Joyería Contemporánea en EASD Valencia

Exposición de la joyera y esmaltadora alemana Christine Graf.

El 14 de mayo a las 19h. se inaugura la exposición « In between » en las salas del Palacio Marqués de Dos Aguas de Valencia (Museo N. de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias González Martí de Valencia.) -  La exposición podrá verse hasta el 7 de julio.

'In between' by Christine Graf at 'Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarios González Martí' (Valencia, Spain)  From May 14 until May 17, 2013

Los próximos 15, 16 y 17 mayo, a las 10 h, Christine Graf impartirà el curso (workshop) « Enamel. A multi-coloured voyage of discovery », un taller para experimentar con el esmalte.

Christine Graf

Como la propia Christine Graf afirma, la inspiración para su obra se encuentra en las imágenes y emociones de la vida cotidiana, que dan como resultado un complejo y polifacético “sonido visual”. Esas impresiones recibidas se conjugan con sus manos, su mente y los materiales que usa para transformarlas en piezas de joyería.
El material predilecto de Graf es la malla de cobre de manufactura industrial que trabaja como si se tratara de un tejido o de papel, lo cual le permite darle forma directamente con sus manos siguiendo su instinto. Usando las técnicas tradicionales del textil ‐transformado en metal‐, intenta cambiar las cualidades estéticas de la estructura de la malla.
A continuación aplica varias capas de esmaltado que cubren el metal, haciendo desaparecer sus cualidades estructurales y otorgándole una nueva identidad visual y metafórica.
Las piezas en contexto, la sutileza de los matices y la textura, los diferentes tamaños, los diálogos que se establecen entre el espacio y la frontera crea la ilusión de una composición múltiple : como la propia Christine
Graf lo expresa, una “sinfonía polifónica”.
Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias González Martí
Departamento de difusión
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C/ Poeta Querol, 2
46002 Valencia

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