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EXPO ‘Réka Fekete : Balance’ – Galerie Ra, Amsterdam (NL) – 25 Mai-10 Juill. 2013

Réka Fekete : Balance      

Réka Fekete: Balance    Artists: Réka Fekete  Management: Paul Derrez  Place: Galerie Ra  (Amsterdam, Netherlands)  25-May-2013 - 10-Jul-2013    website:éka Fekete, Satellite#1151, brooch, 2012, steel, silver)

‘In the Balance collection I draw with the material and explore connections: I look at how each individual component can be coupled to the next link. This creates different spontaneous compositions and creations mainly in steel and coloured wood which are linked together by silver rivets. The components can be juxtaposed with each other in different ways, thereby finding a new sense of balance. This dynamic adds character to the pieces, just like the bright colours and the irregular organic forms do. To touch and explore the various possibilities of movement is to engage in contact, a form of introduction between the onlooker and the jewellery, in order to be fellow companions ultimately.’  Réka Fekete

Réka Fekete - Sun in the sky - 2013 brooch - steel, laminate, silver, aluminium, paintRéka Fekete – Sun in the sky – 2013 brooch – steel, laminate, silver, aluminium, paint

Réka Fekete - Sun in the sky - 2013 brooch - steel, laminate, silver, aluminium, paintRéka Fekete – Sun in the sky – 2013 brooch – steel, laminate, silver, aluminium, paint

interview by AJF Blog :
« Why is your show called Balance?
Réka Fekete: « As well as in my previous series, I am experimenting with movement within these pieces. Movement stands for personality, for the ever-changing quality of life, and for the freedom in it. The way I connect the elements gets special attention this time. The connection itself becomes so prominent that it appears to be the main element. Other times, the elements fit into each other and are hammered together so an extra connecting element is no longer needed. Within the construction of each piece there is a lot of mobility and different ways of wearing it. This mobility also expresses how I am in my life. At any moment I might change my mind and take a new path in order to maintain my balance, which I think is one of the most fundamental aspects of life. No matter how much you reduce and consolidate as long as the components of each side remain in balance you will be fine. I see the act of preserving this balance as an exchange. It is simply the way we live and just like the different kinds of relationships that exist between people. »
How does this new work differ from the work you were doing last year?
Réka Fekete:  » I am drawing a lot, and I felt the need to integrate it into my three-dimensional work. While putting the pieces together, I felt like I was drawing. There are black lines of steel connecting colored surfaces of wood or laminate. White wooden parts get blackened little by little as the steel rubs up against it. It ends up looking like charcoal on paper.
For my installation at Galerie Ra, I added some drawings on the wall as well. I wanted the wall to be more than an object upon which the pieces are presented. Acting like a huge piece of paper, the wall becomes part of the work, connecting the pieces and bridging the surfaces and the jewelry. In this series of work, I began to paint on the wood with my fingers instead of spraying each piece with one color. This process allowed me to discover a very liberating way of interacting with my materials. I think I was able to bring similar effects to the wall of the gallery. Overall, this new body of work has evolved graphically, especially within the shadows where the linearity of the steel is constantly reflected. »


Reka Fekete BroochRéka Fekete Brooch

Reka Fekete BroochRéka Fekete « Satellite #11″ Brooch

Reka Fekete Juggling BroochRéka Fekete Juggling Brooch

Reka Fekete BroochRéka Fekete Brooch

Galerie Ra
Nes 120
1012 KE – Amsterdam
Telephone: 020 6265100
Fax: 020 6204595

EXPO ‘Philip Sajet: Beauty is the Most Important’ – Copper Museum, Knights Academy, Legnica (Poland) – 30 Avril-6 Juin 2013

Philip Sajet: Beauty is the Most Important 

 Philip Sajet: Beauty is the Most Important   Copper Museum, Knights Academy  (Legnica, Poland)  30-Apr-2013 - 06-Jun-2013    mail:

Philip Sajet tries, through goldsmithery, to combine the incompatible in his pieces. Thus the sharp glass shard penetrates the round metal setting of the ring, a green stone butts up against the delicate pearl, a classically cut, precious stone is sawn through and put back together. This is not about the destruction or extraction of something fragile but about emphasising that the one is not possible without the other. Harmony, balance comes through the combination of the various elements. Shells, a fragile and delicate material, used by man as jewellery for thousands of years, are combined by Sajet into a stole which can be seen in the accompanying photograph magnificently adorning a naked body, to which it lends an unassailable aura, like armour. The intangible, elusive glitter of a cut stone is replaced with metallic constructions which mimic it and turn the gentle glimmers into thorns. In the earrings the facets are imitated, but only the edges and not the light which emanates from gemstones. Small stones in their natural state are found at the connections, brightening the cool, aloof construction. Tiny and raw, they breathe life into the piece.
Sajet’s jewellery has a unique, distinctive use of form but it is made to be worn and through wearing to change its impact, breaking free from its artist-creator and developing its own life. The wearer too will change on wearing the piece, as it connects to his or her personality and deliberately draws in the attention of a third party, the beholder. In this light it is hardly surprising that Sajet has produced predominantly rings, earrings and close fitting necklaces which adorn the hands and frame and highlight the face. These are the parts of the body which stand for the expressive side of the personality; our facial expressions and gestures communicate with others, emphasise our nature, the unsaid and the said.

Philip Sajet  Ring: Point 1986-2010  Rock crystal, silver, goldPhilip Sajet  Ring: Point 1986-2010  Rock crystal, silver, gold

Philip Sajet  Ring: Shard 2008  Red glass, niello on silverPhilip Sajet  Ring: Shard 2008  Red glass, niello on silver

Philip Sajet  Ring: A La Recherche du Joyau Perdu 6 -  2011  Enamel, silver, gold, rock crystalPhilip Sajet  Ring: A La Recherche du Joyau Perdu 6 -  2011  Enamel, silver, gold, rock crystal
Philip Sajet  Ring: Black Marquise 2011  Niello on silver, goldPhilip Sajet  Ring: Black Marquise 2011  Niello on silver, gold


Copper Museum, Knights Academy
Chojnowska 2
59-220 – Legnica


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