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EXPO ‘From Chaos to Comprehension’ – Danish Arts and Crafts Association, Copenhagen (DK) – 7-30 Juin 2013

The exhibition From Chaos to Comprehension  shows the work of 7 contemporary Jewellery artists from Denmark/Germany, Thailand, the UK, China and Taiwan. All graduated from the MA ‘Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products’ at Birmingham City University, UK in 2011 and 2012. And all experienced the turbulent, but rewarding process, of studying for an MA; which led them from a state of chaos to comprehending their work, its’ prerequisites and processes.

From Chaos to Comprehension opens on Friday June 7th 2013 in the exhibition room of the Danish Arts and Crafts Association in Bredgade 66 in Copenhagen and runs till June 30th.


The jewellers are:  Panjapol KulpapangkornNanna GrønborgFliss Quick Hannah Fewtrell-BoltonEmily Bullock — Xiaohan-Ren — I-Ting Ho.

Curating the exhibition in Copenhagen, Nanna Grnborg formed this collective of fellow artists to exhibit the individual results of their studies. The work shown is the outcome of an ongoing struggle in which chaotic situations in the working process are followed by comprehension, which in turn fosters new questions. All of the artists share the belief that study was an important step and a base for future work. What connects them, is a striving for good solutions to their individual concepts.
The concepts and work are as different as their makers, and they reflect various perspectives on Jewellery in the context of society and personal experience:
Panjapol Kulpapangkorns work is a result of recorded and collected memories sent to him from participants around the world, including film, sound, photographs and found objects. His work evolves around memory as a very personal and individual experience, which we also wear in the mind.
Nanna Gronborg is influenced by the fusion of cultures and the contradictions between the rational and the intuitive. Her work balances this with subtle irony, while relying on theoretical tools like semiotics and the science of perception to reflect on it.   
Fliss Quick works as a narrator conjuring protagonists and their consequent environments or scenarios to build a vocabulary of making to evoke stories.
Hannah Fewtrell- Bolton is very excited by fashion: The way it enables the wearer to express their personality and style every day without ever having to speak a single word fascinates her. She is interested in making a statement and causing a reaction.
Xiaohan-Rens collection is about capturing the vestiges of memory and creating artefacts that allude to moments in time. His sketchbooks are the inspiration behind the jewellery.
Emily Bullock is initially inspired by a location; a country, a city, a house. The jewellery she creates transforms aspects of these locations into 3D representations. Each composition is abstract and personal to how she has interpreted the setting and scenery.
I-Ting Ho focuses on human skin in her work. Skin Secret, the title of her project, is about the ԓid and the ԓego. She researches the use of products and other ways to beautify the skin in order to create a differently perceived identity.
Thereafter From Chaos to Comprehension travels from its first opening at Officinet in Copenhagen to Gallery ATTA in Bangkok, Thailand from August 14th to September 28th 2014.

Emily Bullock  Brooch  Mixed mediaEmily Bullock  Brooch  Mixed media

Nanna Grønborg - brooch - 2012 -  brooch, porcelain, silver, steel, 65 x 70 x 45 mm, photo: Nanna GrønborgNanna Grønborg  – brooch – 2012 -  porcelain, silver, steel

panjapol kulp - 40 - documentary jewellery  from Birmingham,UK to Bangkok, Thailand.  “ Every step has its own story ”Panjapol Kulp – 40 – documentary jewellery  from Birmingham,UK to Bangkok, Thailand.  “ Every step has its own story ”

Hannah  Fewtrell-Bolton  Brooch: MADE ME, Jewellery Is At My Feet, The Show Is Yours 02  Mixed mediaHannah  Fewtrell-Bolton  Brooch: MADE ME, Jewellery Is At My Feet, The Show Is Yours 02  Mixed media

Fliss Quick   NecklaceFliss Quick  Necklace  « wish I’d joined the foreign legion », 2011

Xiaohan Ren - brooch Piece One 2011, wood, pen (found)  ca 130 x 40 mm - United Kingdom, Birmingham Institute of Art and DesignXiaohan Ren – brooch Piece One 2011, wood, pen (found) 

I TING HO - Skin Secret - Brooch I 2012 -  Metal/ Rubber Photo by I-TingI TING HO – Skin Secret – Brooch I 2012 -  Metal/ Rubber Photo by I-Ting


The Danish Arts and Crafts Association
Bredgade 66
1260 – Copenhagen


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