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EXPO ‘Natural Histrionics’ – Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery, Bradford (UK)- 11 Juill.-29 Sept. 2013

Natural HistrionicsKath Libbert Jewellery Gallery

Natural Histrionics


Artists:   Nel LinssenHyorim Lee —  Anja EichlerStephanie Hensle —  Konrad Laimer —  Jie SunDorit SchubertSusanne Elstner

An International Art Jewellery Exhibition Inspired by Nature.
Chinese artist Jie Sun presents his ‘Big Fish’ golden Koi Carp brooches which when worn appear to swim straight out of the body. South Korean Hyorim Lee fashions finely feathered necklaces from colourful layers of softly luxurious leather. From her collection ‘On Death and Beauty’ comes a Fantastical Mr Fox fur stole by German artist Stephanie Hensle, painstakingly constructed from thousands of etched brass segments – a tactile, glamorous sensory experience, Stephanie also crafts shimmering Butterfly brooches from paper-thin metals etched and tinted pastel colours, as delicate and light as gossamer wings.
Quail eggs are the medium of choice for Anja Eichler’s sensitive collection which uses the symbolism of a fragile egg to reflect on our human condition – falling, failing, repairing and rising up again, stronger for the experiences we have encountered and survived. ‘Out of the Ashes’ by Susanne Elstner is a collection of jewellery from charcoal and fine gold which also has a point to make. Of it she says “Miracles even occur on barren land. Therefore, at times something new and beautiful can grow out of a piece of burned wood.”
Konrad Laimer is inspired by the plants and animals of his Alpine environment, where he fashions elegant bangles, rings and brooches from the horns of Alpine goats and Chamois. Plant life inspires Dorit Schubert, who uses traditional German lace making techniques, reviving this dying craft, to create her delightful collection of floral jewellery – delicate transparent and light – though actually surprisingly robust! Finally Nel Linssen, award winning doyenne of art jewellery, presents her collection of snake like necklaces and bangles – superbly intricate folded paper constructions inspired by rhythms and structures in the botanical world.
And to rival the drama of nature visitors will be invited to choose their favourite piece from the exhibition and declaim their enthusiasm for it by taking part in our ‘Natural Histrionics’ video compilation, which will be screened during the show! If a little help is needed to get over stage fright – all who participate in the video project will also be entered into a draw to win a £100 KLJG voucher.

Susanne Elstner, Earrings, Susanne Elstner -  Earrings: Out of the Ashes – Charcoal, red pigment

Hyorim Lee, Necklace, Hyorim Lee, Necklace « Grow 04″ – Leather, beads, wax coated string

Stephanie Hensle, Necklace, Stephanie Hensle, Necklace « Fox Fur » Etched brass

Dorit Schubert, Earrings, Dorit Schubert, Earrings « Jelly Fish » Nylon, steel, silver

Anja Eichler, Brooch, 2013Anja Eichler, brooch « The Back of the Summit » 2013 – Hardened quail eggs, silver, steel


Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery
Salts Mill
BD18 3LA – Bradford
United Kingdom
Telephone: 01274 599790

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