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EXPO ‘Attai Chen: Compounding Fractions’ – Gallery Loupe, Montclair (NJ)(USA) – 7 Sept.-5 Oct. 2013

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Attai Chen: Compounding Fractions -     07-Sep-2013 – 05-Oct-2013

Over the past few years Attai Chen has received much international attention. In 2011 he won the coveted Herbert Hofman Prize at the Schmuck Art Fair in Munich and was recently awarded the prestigious 2014 Andrea M. Bronfman Prize for the Arts for which he will be given a solo exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum and an accompanying catalog.
Chen’s current series of work is inspired by his observations of nature and his interest in the cyclical motion of growth and decay. Titled « Compounding Fractions » – this new exhibition features neckpieces and brooches built from torn scraps of recycled paper, color, graphite and other elements. Chen heightens the mystery of his message by including personal notes and drawings onto the paper before the process begins.

In the artist’s words, « The process of recycling follows the pattern of growth, culmination, consummation and decay, only to begin again. It is my intention in these works to trace and create forms that capture this organic process in a man-made world.« 

Attai Chen: Compounding Fractions -   Gallery Loupe (Montclair/ New Jersey, United States)  07-Sep-2013 - 05-Oct-2013    website:  mail:    [ttai Chen  Brooches: 500 Fish 2012  Anchovies, lacquer, fine gold leaf, stainless steel  Photo: Mirei Takeuchi]Attai Chen  Brooches: 500 Fish 2012  Anchovies, lacquer, fine gold leaf, stainless steel  Photo: Mirei Takeuchi

Attai Chen . Paper State of MindAttai Chen . Paper State of Mind


Gallery Loupe
50 Church Street
NJ 07042 – Montclair/ New Jersey
United States
Telephone: 973.744.0061
Fax: 973.744.0062

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