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F-utili Gioielli a favore di Emergency – Marino Marini Museum, Firenze (IT) – 11-14 sept. 2013

AGC associazione gioiello contemporaneoF-utili Gioielli a favore di Emergency – 11-14 sept. Firenze

The 2013 edition of F-Utility Jewelry will take place at the Marino Marini Museum, Piazza San Pancrazio (historical center of Florence).


AGC associazione gioiello contemporaneo - F-utili Gioielli a favore di Emergency - 11-14 sept. Firenze
The theme for the fourth F-utility Jewelry is Help, an almost unavoidable theme in this time of great difficulty.
We live in a world that cannot find a new sense of balance. We live in an emergency situation and not just from an economic point of view.
Help may be an appeal…. like an offer of help.
Help is a cry for that, above all, highlights the ever increasing need for attention, support, and solidarity in difficult economic periods.
Our request is simple: a donation to Emergency in the shape of a piece of jewelry or a small artist’s book, works created especially for this charity auction.
A simple idea: your help for our help. Thanks to the generosity of Alberto Salvadori, artistic director of the Marino Marini Museum, we will exhibit your works in the splendid and prestigious setting of this museum in the very heart of Florence.
The donated works will be on display for four days and then will be auctioned on the final day. We therefore are asking you to contribute and participate in this wish to bring jewelry and contemporary art nearer to Emergency’s activities and vice-versa with a view to breaking free by introducing the most diverse public possible to both worlds.
Jewelry as ornament, but also as the story of one’s own experience and emotions, artist’s books to be ‘read’, or simply gazed upon, like jewels small enough to carry along …
What, then, will your point of view be? Who needs more help? What needs more attention? Can we help develop a culture that is connection, exchange and peace and not malfeasance or only competition?
Emergency has a “policy of doing” and this policy of actually doing something will be the same for anyone taking part in the project: associations, artists, buyers, institutions, organizers, sponsors, and all those working to ensure the success of this year’s event.
We are convinced that “culture” also springs from interpersonal skills and, more than anything else, is necessary for development and for peace. F-utility Jewelry then is not simply a fund-raising project but it also and especially bears witness to “another way of doing”, of living, of communicating, or of simply just being together.
Doing your part well has an added value, which is to constantly build a world made up of exchanges, so why not “donations” that give greater meaning to what we do. A present and a future of peace and democracy also arises from the great joy of expressing ourselves and our own points of view, such as from the feeling of participating in building a (present and future) society that is less fragmented and conflictual.
Thus, we invite everyone to put into this event your best ideas and best efforts in the conviction that our art can offer food for thought as well as tangibly contribute to the maintenance of one of the Emergency hospitals. Help therefore will support Emergency’s work through our actions, our knowledge, our feelings and as a result through all our telling. We thus will continue our support of the Goderich Paediatric Centre in Sierra Leone, hoping that once again this initiative will have the broadest support and that, again this year, contemporary jewelry and the artist’s books will once more communicate something else and continue the journey undertaken.

F-Utility Jewelry - Maddalena Rocco "Africa Nemesi"
Maddalena Rocco « Africa Nemesi »
F-Utility Jewelry - Corrado de Meo "ritratto in rosso" brooch
Corrado de Meo « ritratto in rosso » brooch
F-Utility Jewelry - Elisabetta Duprè "fammi volare"
Elisabetta Duprè « fammi volare »
F-Utility Jewelry - Heidemarie Herb "here comes the sun" brooch
Heidemarie Herb « here comes the sun » brooch
F-Utility Jewelry - Gigi Mariani "rompi gli schemi"
Gigi Mariani « rompi gli schemi »
F-Utility Jewelry - Rita Marcangelo "Salvagente peloso"
Rita Marcangelo « Salvagente peloso »
F-Utility Jewelry - Enrica Prazzoli sign language "help"
Enrica Prazzoli – sign language « help »
Piazza di San Pancrazio
055 219432

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