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EXPO ‘FANTASTICI !’ – Putti Art Gallery, Riga (Latvia) – 26 Sept.-13 Oct. 2013

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Contemporary Italian Jewellery

from September 26 until October 13, 2013, the gallery will display major Italian contemporary jewellery exhibition “FANTASTICI! Contemporary Italian Jewellery”. This exhibition is a collaboration between Art Gallery Putti and the Association of Italian Contemporary jewellery AGC (Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo).

An international group exhibition “Conceptual Jewellery” in 2011 with Italian artists exhibiting their work in the Art Gallery Putti  is view-pointed as the beginning of a friendly cooperation foundation with the association’s AGC representatives in Italy.

Italian Association for Contemporary jewellery AGC is a noteworthy platform for both emerging and already acknowledged Italian jewellery artists. It is a non-profit organization, established in Trieste in 2004 in order to develop and promote contemporary art jewellery. It entails artistic research, renewal of the ornament ideas and experimentation with new materials and technologies, as well as maintaining the historical tradition of skills and abilities. The exhibition “FANTASTICI! Contemporary Italian Jewellery”, is understandably presumed to become a unique event in the Latvian cultural space.


FANTASTICI! Contemporary Italian Jewellery    Artists: Catalina Brenes, Luisa Bruni, Maria Cristina Bellucci, Monica Cecchi, Elisabetta Dupre, Anna Fornari, Emma Francesconi, Maria Rosa Franzin, Manuela Gandini, Heidemarie Herb, Giancarlo Montebello, Gigi Mariani, Paola Mirai, Rita Marcangelo, Margherita de Martino Norante, Alessandro Petrolati, Kellie Riggs, Barbara Uderzo.  Management: Agita Putāne  Place: Putti Art Gallery  (Rīga, Latvia)  26-Sep-2013 - 13-Oct-2013  website:

The 18 Italian jewellery artists participating in the exhibition are :  Catalina Brenes — Luisa Bruni — Maria Cristina Bellucci — Monica Cecchi — Elisabetta Dupre — Anna Fornari — Emma Francesconi — Maria Rosa Franzin — Manuela Gandini — Heidemarie Herb — Giancarlo Montebello — Gigi Mariani — Paola Mirai — Rita Marcangelo — Margherita de Martino Norante — Alessandro Petrolati — Kellie Riggs — Barbara Uderzo.


Putti Art Gallery  (Rīga, Latvia)


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