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EXPO ‘Nora Rochel : Florilegia’ – Kulturhof Krönbacken, Erfurt (DE) – 17 Aout-29 Oct. 2013

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Nora Rochel : Florilegia

Nora Rochel has been awarded the city goldsmith of Erfurt 2013 !!

Nora Rochel, Model, 2013Nora Rochel – Model: Wax 2013

« Florilegia can be translated as a « gathering of flowers » and denotes a compilation of excerpts of writings such as poems or proverbs, but also botanical illustrations depicting flowers in an ornamental way rather than a scientific one. Because plants and flowers are a reocurring theme in my work as a jewellery maker, I chose this title for my final exhibition as the « Erfurter Stadtgoldschmied » or in English « City Goldsmith of Erfurt ».
In May 2013, I started my new position as an artist or goldsmith in residence. For three months I lived and worked in Erfurt, also known as the « City of Flowers » due to its seed breeding industry. The whole area used to be surrounded by flowering plants. I used my time here in Erfurt to experiment freely. It was important to me to explore different themes that relate to this city and let my impressions pour into my jewellery.
My jewellery will be shown at the Kulturhof Krönbacken alongside another little experiment of mine. When starting this project I have planted some seeds which have blossomed into fully-grown plants. As with ideas for jewellery making you can never know which of the attempts will sprout and thrive.
Biological Illustrations are the main theme of the exhibition. A plant called dyer’s woad had a great influence on the developement of the city. Through my reading about woad I stumbled upon biological illustrations of plants. At a visit of the horticultural museum’s department for pomology, I found further inspiration that I translated into a medium of jewellery that is new to me, the « brooche », which I adorned in a manner that is reminiscent of a relief or a drawing.
Industrial Enamel is one of the new techniques that I encountered here in Erfurt. At my « temporary work place », or the artists’ studios, it is used more often than the enamel for jewellery making. The studio and the kilns are available for rent, and during my first weeks here in Erfurt they were used by a group of enamelers from all over Europe which spurred me to experiment with industrial enamel myself. The results have a glaze in different shades of blue and refer to the theme of the dyer’s woad.
During my time here in Erfurt I have learned a lot, found much inspiration and new concepts for jewellery making that I will carry on developing in the future. » Nora Rochel


Nora Rochel - Model: Wax 2013 Nora Rochel – Model: Wax 2013


Kulturhof Krönbacken
Michaelisstraße 10
99084 – Erfurt
Telephone: +49 361 6551960

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