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EXPO ‘GeMANOgy: Gem as Storyteller’ – MANO Contemporary Jewellery & Object, Taipei City 106 (Taiwan, R.O.C.) – 28 Sept.-3 Nov. 2013

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GeMANOgy: Gem as Storyteller -

MANO Contemporary Jewellery & Object (Taipei City 106, Taiwan)

“GeMANOgy” aims at showing how the contemporary jewellers express the word/ material « Stone » in various and contemporary way. Set aside the traditional value for gemstones defined in Gemology, MANO would like to offer the viewer a different angle to read the stories behind these jewellery.

« How the most precious thing about stones in a jewellery box is not always their rarity, their size or their perfection. It is their stories. » by Victoria Finlay, author of ‘Jewels: A Secret History’.

Since the word “Jewellery” for most Taiwanese public still relates a lot to precious material, faceted gemstones, jade jewelleries, beaded bracelet, etc., we would like to present the jewelleries with diverse and contemporary interpretation of the theme “stone” in search of that real preciousness. Each artist gives their unique point of view: to bring out the social-psychological side of the material, to discuss about the collective thoughts on material, technique, and artistry, or to question the real meaning of value.


Artists:   Gieh-Wen Lin –  Karl Fritsch –  Katja Prins –  Nelli Tanner –  Philip Sajet –  Shu-Lin Wu –  Tarja Tuupanen

Gien-Wen Lin, Necklace, 2012Gien-Wen Lin, Necklace, Diamond is not the point 2012 – Silver, crystal

Philip Sajet, Ring, Philip Sajet – Ring: Straal verticaal – Yellow gold, white gold

Philip Sajet_1-webPhilip Sajet – Ring

Karl Fritsch, Ring, 2012Karl Fritsch, Ring, 2012  Silver, steel, cubic zirconia

Shu-Lin Wu, Ring, 2013Shu-Lin Wu – Ring: Hiver#1 2013 – Silver, porcelain, white chalcedony, rubber

Tarja Tuupanen, Brooch, 2013Tarja Tuupanen – Brooch : Untitled 2013 – Ready-made marble tableware, brass

MANO Contemporary Jewellery & Object
No.4, Ln. 16, Taishun St
Da’an Dist. – Taipei City 106
Taiwan, R.O.C.
Telephone: +886 2 2365 2519

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