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Niki Stylianou en noir et blanc

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 For JOYA Barcelona 2013 Niki Stylianou presents « Vessels and Matter«   Rubber, silk and linen threads jewels.

Niki Stylianou  won the IV Yearbook Award-Arte & Joya
This award sponsored by Gruppo Duplex consists of a large communication campaign among the magazines of the group as well as a series of international promotion measures.
« I love making things with my hands and I love learning new techniques while exploring diverse materials and their inherent qualities. Jewelry gave me the opportunity to experiment, in a much smaller scale, with the tools that my Architectural experience gave me. And I really liked the designs I came up with. They had a structure, a certain form and they could be deconstructed and rearranged in endless variations. I guess this was the biggest challenge for me… I entered my own game and I never stopped playing …
I would describe my style as different, I think. A little bit controversial with a dose of irony and humor. It is geometrical but whimsical. Austere but playful and colorful at times. Elegant but bold. And it has ethnic references. My customers do not belong to a specific age group. but they tend to be somewhat passionate and eccentric.« 
What inspires you?
« The human body, everyday life, humble and overlooked materials, the ambiguous and the ephemeral, Bauhaus, geometry and architecture, form, color, texture, rhythm and repetition, humor…« 
« Starting to incorporate into my metal-smithing different re-cycled or up-cycled materials. Lately I have been obsessed with rubber, coming from up-cycled kitchen rubber gloves. An object that almost every woman can identify with. I hand-cut it, hand-paint it and combine it with precious and semi-precious metals and stones to give it new life. To transform it into something else. What amazes me is that although a synthetic material, rubber becomes “alive’ again, through an almost “organic” process. Slow, meticulous and repetitive. The resulting pieces grow to their final form while unfolding in time in a meditative kind of way.«   (from Noblivity interview)
Niki Stylianou presents "Vessels and Matter"  Rubber, silk and linen threads.
‘VESSELS AND MATTER’ Necklace; rubber, silk and linen threads

Niki Stylianou - 2013
necklace worn
Niki Stylianou | Necklace, from Joia Barcelona exhibition
Necklace; rubber, silk, linen threads, metal
Niki Stylianou wearing her necklace
Niki Stylianou wearing her necklace during JOYA Barcelona 2013
Niki Stylianou necklace
Niki Stylianou necklace
Niki Stylianou necklace
Niki Stylianou necklace with some silver « finger tips »
Niki Stylianou necklaceNiki Stylianou necklace  (details)
Niki Stylianou brooch
Niki Stylianou brooch
Niki Stylianou black necklace - detail
Niki Stylianou black « scarf » necklace – detail

EXPO ‘Gioielli in Fermento 2013′ – Galleria Rossini, Milano (IT) – 14-23 Nov. 2013

Gioielli in fermento 2013 alla Galleria Rossini di Milano


locandina Gioielli in fermento 2013 approda alla Galleria Rossini di Milano

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Munzker spille Gioiellinfernto2013 Gioielli in fermento 2013 approda alla Galleria Rossini di MilanoViktoria Munzker spille Gioielli in fermento 2013

Clara DelPapa Convivium anello Gioielli in fermento 2013 approda alla Galleria Rossini di MilanoClara Del Papa – « Convivium » ring – (smells SO good !!)

Frigerio Compendio1 Gioiellinfermento2013 Gioielli in fermento 2013 approda alla Galleria Rossini di MilanoNicoletta Frigerio Compendio1 Gioielli in fermento 2013


Galleria Rossini

Viale Monte Nero  58
20135 – Milano
tel +39 02 39980146


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