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EXPO ‘Daily Delicious’ – Galerie ViceVersa, Lausanne (CH) – 16 Nov.-21 Dec. 2013

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ViceVersaGésine Hackenberg Daily Delicious

« Fruit and vegetables are one of mankind’s fundamental foodstuffs. They are associated with one of our most primary daily needs – eating – and are therefore closely connected with people. What is more, they stimulate and beguile the senses. Qualities also essential in jewellery.
The intention of my jewellery is to represent fruit and vegetables’ relationship with people and their bodies. Everyday contact with these natural products – shopping, peeling, preparation and eating – serves as the chief source of inspiration in this regard. The sensual pleasure entailed in these acts invites us to celebrate the little things in life, playing with fruit and vegetables and adorning ourselves with their splendour. Translating fruit and vegetables into jewellery conjures up images from art and the decorative arts: images of luxuriance and profusion, of harvest festivals and traditional adornments.
In the execution of this work the emphasis lies on the human perspective and constructed nature. »  – Gésine Hackenberg, 2013

Daily Delicious
(Necklace: Horn of Plenty, 2013 Silver, copper)
Gésine Hackenberg Necklace: Pea Pod Necklace, 2013 Copper
Gésine Hackenberg,  Pea Pod Necklace, 2013  Copper
Gésine Hackenberg, Necklace, 2013
Gésine Hackenberg, Necklace, Horn of Plenty, Silver, leather, copper
Gésine Hackenberg, Tangerine Butterfly Brooches, 2013 Copper
Gésine Hackenberg, Tangerine Butterfly Brooches, 2013  Copper
Place Saint François 2, 2ét
7698 – Lausanne
Telephone: +41.21.323 96 34

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