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EXPO ‘Nora Rochel : Spotlight’ – Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge (US) – 7 Dec. 2013 – 18 Janv. 2014

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« Nora Rochel : Spotlight » – Mobilia Gallery

Mobilia Gallery is pleased to present a spotlight exhibition of new jewelry by Nora Rochel. « Inspired by the wordplay of the German word « querbeet, » meaning unsystematic, mix and match as well as referencing flower beds, Nora Rochel explores the world of flowers and organic growth as visual form-giving and expressiveness in both jewellery and everyday objects. Wearing Nora Rochel’s rings turns one‘s hands into small landscapes and gardens. Many of the rings are fanciful, but often the source of inspiration is a real flower. Characteristic features are hidden details like small flowers on the inside or the use of different metals in one piece. »

This collection represents several of the pieces made during Rochel’s three-month residency in the City of Erfurt, Germany, also known as the « City of Flowers » due to its seed breeding industry. « I used my time in Erfurt to experiment freely. It was important to me to explore different themes that relate to this city and let my impressions pour into my jewellery. »

Spotlight - Nora Rochel

Nora Rochel, Necklace: Old Lace, 2013 - 925 silver (fair trade), blackened 20x2.5x1.5 inches Nora Rochel, Necklace: Old Lace, 2013 – 925 silver (fair trade), blackened

Nora Rochel, "Florilegia" Brooch, 2013Nora Rochel,  Brooch: Florilegia, 2013 -  925 silver (fair trade), whitened, steelPhoto: Johannes-Maria Schlorke

Nora Rochel, Necklace, 2013Nora Rochel -  Necklace: Dandelions II, 2013 – 925 silver (fair trade), whitenedPhoto: Johannes-Maria Schlorke

Nora Rochel necklace 'innocent abundance' 2013 -whitened   silver
Nora Rochel necklace ‘innocent abundance’ 2013 -whitened   silverNora Rochel, Rings, 2012Nora Rochel – Rings: Untitled, 2012 – 925 silver, whitened, steel | 925 silver, blackened, gold | 925 silver, patinated | 925 silver, whitened, gold | 925 silver, rhodium plated, fair trade gemstones



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