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HOMI (new MACEF) fair – Milano (IT) – 19-22 janv. 2014

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HOMI : a concept for a new hub of Italian style, HOMI is set to open its doors at the Fiera Milano and begin a dialogue in every one of the world’s languages.
Through a series of themed satellites, with particularly “Fashion & Jewels” in Pavilion 9 , curated by Tini Bagattini and Rita Spaggiari.
Two sections in each satellite: HOMI Sperimenta is packed with R&D-led ideas, projects and work by young talents, while HOMI Special is an area for unique ventures and experiences. HOMI Sperimenta is divided into four subsections, each of which showcases a selection of excellence from the Living Habits and Fashion & Jewels satellites.
well …. seems a little complicate !
what interests us, regarding JEWELLERY is :
HOMI SPERIMENTA Fashion & Jewels - hall 11 (padiglione 11) – booth G01 K10 / G17 K28
Homi Sperimenta Fashion & Jewels is the focal point for all products which revolve around fashion and jewels. Self-productions and new creations made with environmentally friendly materials, recycled material from machines and machine parts, fashioned into unique, innovative products, to be worn as accessories or for practical use.
with Lucilla Giovanninetti (EANDARE) textile jewelry :
HOMI MILANO - 19-22 janv. 2014 - with Lucilla Giovanninetti (EANDARE) EANDARE a HOMI MILANO 19 - 22 gennaio padiglione 11 AREA SPERIMENTA stand G 17  Lucilla Giovanninetti (EANDARE)  padiglione 11 AREA SPERIMENTA stand G 17 
Lucilla Giovanninetti Necklace: Baloo, 2001 Cotton 38 x 28 x 6 cm
Lucilla Giovanninetti Necklace: Baloo, 2001 Cotton 
Lucilla Giovanninetti Necklace: Clasp!, 1996 Cotton 106 x 10 x 3 cmLucilla Giovanninetti Necklace: Clasp!, 1996 Cotton 
Fiera Milano Spa
Strada Statale del Sempione 28,
20017 Rho (MI), Italia

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