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EXPO ‘Contemporary Craft Open’ – Unit Twelve Gallery (UK) – 5 Dec.2013 – 1er Mars 2014

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Contemporary Craft Open Exhibition is opening at Unit Twelve Gallery, showing the best in contemporary craft, both amateur and professional, selected by Little Northern Contemporary Craft Fairs, Yellowstone Art Boutique and Print Garage.

exhibition will run from 5th Dec 2013 to 1st March 2014 Contemporary craft open

Some of Cristina Zani jewels will be on show :

CRISTINA ZANI -  Cristina Zani necklace
Cristina Zani broochCristina Zani brooch
Cristina Zani necklaceCristina Zani necklace from « My Seoul » series
Cristina ZaniCristina Zani necklace « my Seoul » red pendant
she explains that

« in 2011 …. I spent four months living and studying in Seoul as part of an exchange programme with Kookmin University. It was a great experience that influenced the way I approach the creation of my pieces …… I was inspired by the contrasting architecture of Seoul: its sombre modern buildings intertwined with the colourful and ancient wooden temples and palaces dotted around the city.
How did you translate that inspiration into your work?
« I decided to represent this contrast by juxtaposing different materials, shapes and colours. Like the buildings in Seoul, my pieces show the vulnerability of wood and metal when exposed to time and elements; the layers and colours that slowly transform with the passing of years. Simple in form, but rich in stories and complexities. » (DesignerJewellersGroup)

Cristina Zani inspirationCristina Zani Inspiration in Korea that gave the « My Seoul » serie

Cristina Zani - ‘My Seoul’ double green ring in silver, wood, acrylic paintCristina Zani - ‘My Seoul’ double green ring in silver, wood, acrylic paint
Unit Twelve Gallery is a contemporary craft exhibition and workshop space, based in a rural location in Staffordshire.
Unit Twelve Gallery
Tixall Heath Farm
Stafford ST18 0XX – UK
tel: 07811 460494

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