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EXPO ‘Matter+Vessels’ – AmarantoJoies, Barcelona (ES) – 21 janv.- 22 Mars 2014

Niki Stylianou at AmarantoJoies

Enmarcamos a Niki Stylianou

Niki Stylianou at AmarantoJoies
Vessels are crypt-like. Matter is unfolding. Vessels occupy space but are hollow. Matter is producing space. Vessels stand still. Matter is flexible, almost fluid, always changing. Vessels contain and can be contained at times. Matter when contained is violated. How intense is the relationship between vessel and matter? What ties them together? Is there a way to interpret these ties ?
Niki StylianouNiki Stylianou
Niki Stylianou
Niki Stylianou necklace
Niki Stylianou necklace - backNiki Stylianou necklace – back
Among the techniques used, some are repetitive, almost meditative. The energy of the maker is transferred through them to the object made. Cutting, stitching, drilling, hammering-again and again, painting with fire.
Nevertheless, there are other techniques used, that are not obvious. They are traditional jewelry techniques that work silently to bridge the space between vessel and matter and to make the secret grid, the substructure, that will tie them together.

Niki Stylianou - photos Dimitris GotsisNiki Stylianouphotos Dimitris Gotsis
Niki StylianouNiki Stylianou
Niki Stylianou
Niki Stylianou
Niki Stylianou - exhibition in Barcelona - photo Montserrat LacombaNiki Stylianou photo Montserrat Lacomba
Niki StylianouNiki Stylianou -brooch -  photos Dimitris Gotsis


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