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« Coup de ROUGE » avec Akis GOUMAS

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Akis Goumas : découvert lors du dernier JOYA 2013, c’est un bonheur de le découvrir encore et encore !

« The process of designing a piece of jewelry or an object is a journey in time. I follow a path through emotions, concepts and images. It is an ensemble of elements, powered by memories, experiences and myths. My work is a medium, through which I aim to communicate with other people. I enjoy observing natural structures and studying prehistoric findings from the Aegean region with a group of archeologists. An elaborately braided bird nest, a delicate embroidered by vasculars flower capsule, the growth lines on a mollusk shell, the nettings formed by capillary vessels inside the body, are all parts of a world in which I like to lose myself in. I admire the resourcefulness and the intelligence of the anonymous prehistoric metal workers, who with only a few tools created masterpieces. They teach me how to decode ancient tool traces and techniques. The pieces that I make are three dimensional compositions-objects designed to be worn.” Techniques, materials, colors and textures are the language through which I express myself during these journeys of creating. »

Akis Goumas 2013 - work in progressAkis Goumas 2013 – work in progress
Akis Goumas -  Anillo "Waz Lily" Plata-tela-hoja de oro-pigmentos.
Akis Goumas -  « Waz Lily » ring – silver, fabric, gold leaf, pigments
Akis Goumas - rings - 2013Akis Goumas – rings – 2013 – “Periapta” – Silver, gold leaf, acrylic pigments and silk
Akis Goumas - preparing ...Akis Goumas – preparing …
akis-goumas-diadromes - Ephaistos ...............Akis Goumas – diadromes – Ephaistos (dieu du feu, des forges et des volcans)…………… le forgeron à sa forge … et à ses crayons !
Akis Goumas  kosmima-2000- brooch "bark" hammered silver, pigmentAkis Goumas  kosmima-2000- brooch "bark" hammered silver, pigment - detail

Akis Goumas  kosmima-2000- brooch « bark » hammered silver, pigment – (full brooch & detail)
« STRUCTURAL TISSUES- SHELLS I seek an answer to the question: what are the inner powers that bring life into a form and its surroundings? I study and design inner structures of seeds, plants, crystals, shells, anything that has an inner structure and an outer protective mantle.  » Akis Goumas
Akis Goumas 2013 - Το σύγχρονο συναντά το παλιό <<προσφορές>> και<<λύχνοι >>Akis Goumas 2013 – « quand le moderne rencontre l’ancien » …
Akis Goumas 2013 - little "cups" for pendants .....Akis Goumas 2013 – little « cups » for pendants …..
Akis Goumas 2013

Akis Goumas 2013 – little « cups » as pendants …..

Akis Goumas - little red pendant for Xmas ! :-)Akis Goumas Xmas 2013 – little « cups » as pendants …..


… Et quand de petites  « clochettes » trouvent le chemin de ma maison …..
MERCI Akis Goumas !
efkaristo PARAPOLI !

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