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EXPO ‘SUGAR’ – Platina, Stockholm (Sweden) – 13 Fevr.- 8 Mars 2014


During the year Sofia Björkman and Yasar Aydin are working on a project Eating Art. This time we have invited Natalie Smith and Sarah Hurtigkarl to take a part in the project.
Friday 14th of February is Valentin’s Day and we wonder if Sugar is for the heart?

The project is funded by Konstnärsnämnden and is scheduled to last 2013-2014.
Jewellery Art’s strength, is that it can through human movement, be shown and used in both private and public contexts, intimately as spiritually. Being a performer jewellery artist means to operate in many different situations and it is in the exciting voids we experiment. Through interdisciplinary practice and experimental meals in combination with artistic work, we discuss current issues such as gender, ethnicity, class, ethics and the environment.

with : Natalie SmithSarah Hurtigkarl — Yasar Aydin Sofia Björkman

"SUGAR" Natalie Smith, ringNatalie Smith, ring « Rushing to Paradise », 2010 – Plastic, textiles, sugar -8x 9x 7.5 cm Detail

Natalie Smith, Ring, 2010Natalie Smith - Ring  « Coral D », 2010 – Plastic, textiles, sugar -10.5x 7x 7.3 cm


Odengatan 68
11322 – Stockholm
Telephone: +46-8-300280

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