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EXPO ‘Ni Hao’ – Gallery Kobeia, Munich (DE) – 13-18 Mars 2014

SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Ni Hao ! - 10 contemporary jewellery artists from Taiwan

The emerging Taiwan-based art jewelry group “Bench 886” is scheduled to present their works at Schmuck 2014 Munich Germany Jewelry Fair, showing the rich variety of their artistic energy on the international stage which is regarded as the Oscars in art jewelry

Ni Hao - 10 contemporaryjewellery artists from Taiwan
‘Hi’ (Ni Hao in Chinese) is a magic greeting word that initiates communication, just  as a key that opens the door to a discussion, a bridge that crosses the  boundaries of silence. Language very often goes beyond its linguistic meaning;   however, it is also confined to linguistic competence. If there is a way that  crosses the borders of language and speaks up one’s opinions through work piece,  so that everyone, regardless of language, could feel the frequency of the world;  that would be art.
‘Ni Hao! (hi) We are art  jewellery artists from Taiwan!’
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Mei-Fang Chiang dialogues the relationship between soul and work  itself ;
Cai-Xuan (Molly) Wu and Heng Lee discover the beauty of knitting and  embroidery in an unconventional way;
Wen-Miao Yeh and Yu-Ping Lin develop the  Origami and paper cutting in structural dramatic forms;
Shih-Dea (Deborah) Tseng  and Ying-Hsun (Zita) Hsu reveal the vague and abstract spirit of ‘Zen’  in the perceptions of touch and vision;
Han-Chieh (Joy) Chuang, Ying-Hsiu Chen and Yung-Huei Chao combine the inspiration from  Mother Nature with the memory toward motherland.
‘Ten jewellery artists come from the same land, ten storytellers  looking forward to a whole new page in their lives.’
Yu-Ping Lin Textile Jewellery - kaleidoscope serie -  Strawberry (Ka03-1F) - Bracelet/ Brooch  Felt, PolyesterYu-Ping Lin Textile Jewellery – kaleidoscope serie -  Strawberry  Bracelet/ Brooch  Felt, Polyester
Heng Lee  Floral Embroidery- Pixel 4.2

Heng Lee -  Floral Embroidery- Pixel serie – back of a brooch (detail)

YEH WEN-MIAO [TAIWAN] 大賞 Grand Prix 「The Space 2013」Wen-Miao Yeh – Brooches – The Space 2013 – Plastic, cooper, paint
 Ying-Hsui Chen / CHEN YING HSIU [TAIWAN] 「Sketch Series-Seashell  XXI~XXVII」
Ying-Hsui Chen – Sketch Series-Seashell  XXI~XXVII – super-light soil, stockings, poly, 22K plated brass, 22K plated stainless steel
 YING HSIU CHEN -TAIWAN Shell ring - made of clay and stockingsYing-Hsui Chen-  Shell ring – made of clay and stockings
【CAI-XUAN(Molly) WU】: Transit:Knitting No.1, Brooch (2012) / Acryli, steel wireCai-Xuan (Molly) Wu – Transit:Knitting No.1, Brooch (2012) / Acryl., steel wire
Molly Wu, Taiwan - plankton brooch 2013Cai-Xuan (Molly) Wu (ou Tzu-Jung (Molly) Wu) – plankton brooch 2013
Shih-Ti Tseng (Deborah Tseng)  - porcelain, plaster, leather necklace 2012Shih-Dea (Deborah) Tseng (Shih-Ti (Deborah) Tseng) – porcelain, plaster, leather necklace 2012
Mei Fang Chian (Taiwan)

Mei-Fang Chiang

Ying-Hsiu (Zita) HsuYing-Hsiu (Zita) Hsu
YING-HSUN(ZITA) HSU-TAIWAN/UK: In Flux. B1(2013) / Magnetism, white gold platedYing-Hsiu (Zita) Hsu – In Flux. B1(2013) / Brooch, brass, magnetism, resin
Han-Chieh (Joy) ChuangHan-Chieh (Joy) Chuang -  red brick brooch 2013, brooch, silver, copper, enamel, steel
Yung-Huei Chao Yung-Huei Chao Window Series II, Bracelets (2010) Nilckel silver
Luisenstraße 49
80333 München

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