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DECOUVERTE : Jing HE, selected for TALENTE 14

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Quelques découvertes grâce à SCHMUCK 2014 et TALENTE ………..

Jing HE nous vient de Chine, étudie à la Gerrit Rietveld Academie, et fait partie des « sélectionnés » pour TALENTE 2014

« Questioning jewellery is my motivation of making it. I work with the wonder of the function, aesthetic and reason of jewellery; and also the self-awareness of making and movement of wearing. I prefer to see jewellery not only objects, but also a dynamic relationship with body and everyday life, which has the tension between « sense and nonsense », « usefulness and uselessness ».
I am interested in the functions of daily objects and the relationship between form and function. I appreciate the logic of some simple mass productions, where forms follow functional needs instead of aesthetic reasons. I wonder how the objects work and how people use or misuse them. During the research, I questioned characteristics of jewellery, and what it could be.« 

Ne le laissez pas entrer dans votre cuisine, ou il vous transformera TOUT en BIJOU ! ;-)

Brooch  胸针 : Graduation work of Jewellery Department, Gerrit Rietveld Academie 2013 -
material: ready-made, remanium, steel -  photography by DAN/NAD

Jing HE - brooch serie - 2013
Jing HE – brooch serie – 2013
Jing HeJing HE - brooch serie – 2013 – Ready-made(egg beater,opener)
Jing HE - brooch serie - 2013Jing HE – brooch serie – 2013
Jing HE - brooch serie - 2013Jing HE – brooch serie – 2013 – Ready-made (salad spoon,table clip), remanium
Jing HEJing HE - brooch serie – 2013 – Ready-made(openers), remanium

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