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EXPO ‘Suspended in GREEN’ – Studio Gabi Green, Munich (DE) – 13–16 Mars 2014

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 SCHMUCK 2014 – Munich – 12-18 Mars 2014

Suspended in Green for Schmuck : at Studio Gabi Green, Munich, Germany (13th – 16th March 2014)

33 artists -  Curated by Laura Bradshaw-Heap

Green: it’s just a color, yet it can also stand for so much more.
It’s the color of money, of envy and of inexperience.
It can stand for ethical products, the environment, symbolize fertility and nature.
We talk about green shamrocks for luck, the green eyed monster, and green fingers. You can give someone the green light, be a greenhorn or be part of the green revolution.

Suspended in green

Artists:  Alice Clarke — ÅSa Elmstam — Bingrui Tian — Carolina Dutari — Christina KarababaFrédérique CoomansFelix Gill — Helena Johansson Lindell — Heng Lee — Hilde De Decker Jillian Moore – Joo Hyung Park — Jorge ManillaKarl Fritsch Katharina Moch – Kelly Munro — Lauren Tickle –  Maria SolorzanoMallory Weston — Mercedes Castro Corbat — Michelle Kraemer – Nan Li — Nanna Gronborg Panjapol Kulpapangkorn – Roseanne Bartley –  Stephanie Morawetz — Susanne Beautyman — Susanne Holzinger — Taidi Wang — Yanhui Xu — Yong Joo Kim –  Zoe Robertson

Suspended in greenthe catalog ……

Then Suspended in Green  will be part of London Design Week- at the Lesley Craze Gallery, London, England (14th August 2014 – 20th September 2014)

Karl Fritsch, Ring, 2013
Karl Fritsch, Ring, 2013  White gold

Suspended in Green: A brooch by Stephanie Morawetz (BA student) is selected for the new touring exhibition, curated by Laura Bradshaw-Heap and Rachel Darbourne. Stephanie Morawetz Brooch: Plastic Ocean 3, 2013 – Plastic
Stephanie Morawetz (ring - for "Suspended in green")Stephanie Morawetz (AT) – ring
Katharina Moch ring (suspended in green)Katharina Moch ring
Lauren TickleLauren Tickle  « $65 US Dollars », Currency Converted Brooch - US Currency, Silver, Latex, surgical steel, and Monofilament
Rachel Timmins brooch for "suspended in green"Rachel Timmins brooch for « suspended in green »
will be in SUSPENDED IN GREEN : Macula : broche de Maria SolorzanoMaria Solorzano Macula : broche  
Degree show Collection 2013 - Kelly Munro
Kelly Munro – 2013 -
Hilde de Decker for "suspended in green"Hilde de Decker (catalogue de « Suspended in green« )
Frédérique Coomans for "suspended in green"Frédérique Coomans « architextiles » -wood + cotton (knitting) 2013
SUSPENDED in GREEN (GREEN we say !!!!)  : OH! by Roseanne Bartley  Roseanne Bartley Necklace: The Beginning of I am: Cricket bat, 2013 – Found plastic, lid, beads, silk thread
3 x 10 x 60 cm –
photo: Devika Bilimoria
Jorge Manilla at  'suspended in green'
Jorge Manilla at  ‘suspended in green’


Studio Gabi Green
Gollierstraße 7
Do 10-20, Fr, Sa, So 9.30-18 Uhr

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