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EXPO ‘ Enmarcamos a Anna Norrgrann’ – Amarantojoies (ES) – 24 Mars-10 Mai 2014

AmarantojoiesEnmarcamos a Anna Norrgrann

Anna Norrgrann

Anna Norrgrann from  Gothemburg University was exhibited during JOYA 2013 at Barcelona.

Anna Norrgrann - HDK Högskolan för design och konsthantverk, Gothenburg, Sweden - necklace , n.t., 2013, aluminiumAnna Norrgrann – necklace , n.t., 2013, aluminium – (from Marzee-Graduate Show2013 -  HDK Högskolan för design och konsthantverk, Gothenburg, Sweden)


« imPulse  Palette
My work is a rhythmic and monotonous investigation in metal. I work close to the material to get to know it in an intimate treatment, using a slow and controlled smithing technic, where each punch must be places next to the other. With a nail like tool I make small pits and paths in the surface and slowly new patterns and structures appear. Sometimes it burst.
I try to be present in the process using different senses to follow the changes in the material. Focusing with my eyes, listening to the beat of the hammer and feeling the surface with my fingertips. I’m searching for the unexpected qualities in the material and my curiosity for transformation outside my own preferences drives me.I’m often surprised in the variations of colour that the metal in itself can provide. The technic of anodizing has also become an important ingredient in my work. Here multiplying the possibilities in colour, expression and associations.
The importance of transformation in the metal is my statement or challenge saying never to be stagnated in beliefs and structures, not in my work and not in life in general. »

Anna Norrgrann Jewelry
Between me and the metal there is nothing and what is outside us does not bother me in the moment. I fill the metal surface with small dots and it slowly changes, but in what way is, for me, so far unknown. I only know what I do and I continue to do that until the surface is almost filled. A bit of it is left untouched, as proof of what it once was.
Time dissolves and I am caught in the rhythmic sound from the hammer blows. The work shows me the way and despite the monotonic processing of the metal, I seldom get bored. My curiosity about the result drives me onwards.
And when I have achieved my goal, I take a step back, look at my work and try to understand what I have done and what it means. »
anna_norrgrann_meltingsun_greyskin_photo_anna_norrgrannAnna Norrgrann - meltingsun & greyskin - photo Anna Norrgrann
Anna Norrgrann - silverdrop - photo_emanuel_cederquistAnna Norrgrann - silverdrop - photo emanuel cederquist
Anna Norrgrann  (HDK Göteborg University 2013 ) - (SE) - rain & deep blue - photo_anna_norrgrannAnna Norrgrann   – rain & deep blue - photo anna norrgrann
 Amaranto joies
Sant Domènec 23
08012 Barcelona

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