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EXPO ‘Luzia Vogt: New works’ – Galerie Ra, Amsterdam (NL) – 29 Mars-17 Mai 2014

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Luzia Vogt : New works

Luzia Vogt is fascinated by sugar, both as a foodstuff and a source of pleasure. Once an expensive luxury from the colonies, sugar is now cheap and abundantly available. Luzia literally uses sugar as a material, carving sugar beets which she transforms into porcelain boxes, with Carrara marble lids that glisten like sugar. She also makes Zuckerblumen – snow-white plastic brooches based on granulated sugar with forms that are either severe or fanciful and energetic. Her Sucre earrings look like sweetmeats …

Luzia Vogt, 'SugarFlower', brooch, plasticLuzia Vogt, ‘SugarFlower’, brooch, plastic

Luzia Vogt, Brooches, Luzia Vogt – Brooches: Zuckerblumen – Synthetic material, silver 925, steelApprox. each: 65 x 70 x 40 mm



Galerie Ra
Nes 120
1012 KE – Amsterdam
Telephone: 020 6265100
Fax: 020 6204595


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