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EXPO ‘Jillian Moore: Fruits of my labor’ – Beyond Fashion, Antwerp (BE) – 21 Mars-3 Mai 2014

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Jillian Moore : Fruits of my labor

 Jillian Moore Makes Things/ Fruits of My Labor


« For Jillian Moore’s first solo show in Belgium, « The Fruits of My Labor », an assortment of both major works and smaller, ready-to-wear pieces are presented. Regardless of scale, Moore’s work references biological forms of ambiguous origin. As a result, they straddle both the botanical and zoological. The bright colors paired with the thick gloss of her resin technique creates wearable pieces that are always luscious, and often a little vulgar in one way or another. Moore says of her work:
« Our natural tendency to seek out patterns results in a sensitivity to the congruities in biological forms. Deliberate exploitation of these phenomena results in objects that are both ambiguous and evocative. Some are organs removed from the body in which they once belonged, revealing structures with unknown functions. Others are complete specimens tagged with labels. Signs of dissection as well as taxonomy provide evidence of attempts to demystify these new organisms. However, this approach leaves many unanswered questions and highlights the inherent ethical compromise in these methods of understanding.
I choose materials and techniques that are transformative, resulting in objects that do not readily reveal the processes of their making. Copper may be hidden under layers of paint, the only exposed metal oxidized. The electroforming process allows for wax forms to be coated in copper leaving a hollow shell with textural encrustations–evidence of the acretivce nature of the process of building copper on a molecular level. The resin pieces are light in weight, built on a core of carved foam that is strengthened by successive layers of an opaque, water-based composite resin. The clear epoxy resin is then layered with paint to create a depth of surface typically expected of glass work. The slick gloss of the resin further mimics biology. »

Jillian Moore, Piece, 2009Jillian Moore - brooch : Popel, 2009 – Foam, composite and epoxy resin, paint, nickel silver

 Jillian Moore, Brooches,  Jillian Moore – brooches : Par Lobbe, 2009 – Foam, composite and epoxy resin, fabricated copper, paint, weighted and dyed cord

Jillian Moore, Piece, 2011Jillian MoorePiece: Porosus, 2011Foam, composite and epoxy resin, polymer clay, paint, rubber


Jillian Moore - Fruits of my labor - Photo de Beyond Fashion.
Jillian Moore - Fruits of my labor  Photo de Beyond Fashion.
Jillian Moore - Fruits of my labor  Photo de Beyond Fashion.


Beyond Fashion
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