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EXPO ‘GOOD AS GOLD’ – Craft Alliance Center, St Louis (Missouri, USA) – 4 Avril-15 Juin 2014


To commemorate Craft Alliance’s 50th Anniversary we present Good as Gold, an exhibition which celebrates the hue of gold. From the golden fleece of the Greeks, to the Golden Stool of the Ashanti tribe in Africa, to the legend of El Dorado, gold has seduced us from the beginning of time. It’s color and preciousness continue to be a source of inspiration for artists today.
EXPO 'GOOD AS GOLD' - Craft Alliance Center, St Louis (Missouri, USA) - 4 Avril-15 Juin 2014 dans Biba SCHUTZ (US) spacerIn all craft areas there are artists who play with gold and the idea of gold in their work. The artists selected for this exhibition have used gold leafing to finish their work, golden copper wire materials to communicate their ideas or played with the beautiful glistening colors that stem from golden tones.

 EXPO  good as gold - Iris EichenbergIris Eichenberg

participating artists: Michael Bauermeister — Lanny Bergner — Laura Bombach — Gayle Eastman — Robert EbendorfIris Eichenberg — Peg Fetter — Susan Freda — John Garrett — Michelle Hamilton — Tim Harding — Biba Schutz – …. among others.

EXPO  good as gold - Bob Ebendorf 'he lost his jaw'Bob Ebendorf  ‘he lost his jaw’

Melissa Schmidt  Courtesy Craft AllianceMelissa Schmidt

EXPO  good as gold - Berryll by Gayle EastmanBerryll by Gayle Eastman
EXPO  good as gold -  Roger Rimel Roger Rimel



Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design spacer dans Exposition/Exhibition
DELMAR LOOP: 6640 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63130
St. Louis, Missouri,  USA
Gallery: 314.725.1177 x322


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