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EXPO ‘Out of the Fire’ – The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh (UK) – 4-28 Juin 2014

Out of the Fire

with  Ann Little, Grace Girvan, Stacey Bentley

 Stacey Bentley Yellow Stripey Brooch 2014 oxidised silver, iron, enamel, stainless steel pin W:5.3cm H:5.3cm £375 Stacey Bentley Yellow Stripey Brooch 2014 oxidised silver, iron, enamel, stainless steel pin W:5.3cm H:5.3cm

 Out of the Fire brings together the work of three established Edinburgh College of Art trained contemporary jewellers specialising in enamel.

Ann Little graduated in 1996, Grace Girvan graduated in 2003 and Stacey Bentley graduated in 2008.


 Stacey Bentley Blue Enamel Brooch 2014 oxidised silver, iron, enamel, stainless steel pin W:6cm H:4.2cm £395 Stacey Bentley Blue Enamel Brooch 2014 oxidised silver, iron, enamel, stainless steel pin W:6cm H:4.2cm


The Scottish Gallery
16 Dundas Street
T (+ 44) 0131 558 1200

EXPO ‘CURRENT’ – Eleni Marneri Gallery, Athens (GR) – 5-30 Juin 2014

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Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition travelled in Japan, afterwards in Taiwan and now IN GREECE!!!!!
Stay tuned……!!!!!
Dont miss it!
12 jewellery designers from all over the world!!
@ Eleni Marneri Creative Gallery
Opening 5 June !
Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition  now IN GREECE  -12 jewellery designers from all over the world!!@ Eleni Marneri Creative GalleryOpening 5 June!

Twelve artists, with different backgrounds, from 6 countries, came together to think about the basic question: “where is the world going?” We chose the name of the exhibition, CURRENT, to mean not only the flow of ideas but also what’s happening in the world now. Both those concepts are intended to be expressed through jewellery.
In this time, each artist has made their own jewelry concept video, you can see them on the exhibition, youtube and special CURRENT website!

Artists:  Rudee Tancharoen (Thailand) — Manolya Konuk (France) –  Elisa Deval (Italy) – Maria Constanza Ochoa (Colombia) — Rallou Katsari (Greece) — Poly Nikolopoulou (Greece) – Meiri Ishida (Japan) — Karin Kato (Japan) — Yoriko Mitsuhashi (Japan) – Yoko Shimizu (Japan) – Yuki Sumiya (Japan) –  Janny Huang Yokota.


Meiri Ishida, Brooch, 2013Meiri Ishida – Brooch: Flow, 2013 – Plastic Bag, Gold, Silver

Rallou Katsari, Brooch, 2013Rallou Katsari -  Brooch: Egagropili-metamorphosis, 2013 – Sea grass, Wood
Rudee Tancharoen, Necklace, 2013Rudee Tancharoen -  Necklace: Mutate 01, 2013 – Silver 925, Gold

Poly Nikolopoulou, Pendant, Poly Nikolopoulou – Pendant: Pass ThroughSilver, resin, thread




Organized by:ORIZZONTI(Meiri Ishida, Karin kato, Yuki sumiya)
ORIZZONTIwebsite :



el.marneri galerie
5-7 Lebessi & 16 Porinou Str
11742 Makriyanni, ATHENS – metro Akropoli
tel. +302108619488


EXPO ‘SYMBOLS’ – Industrial Gas Museum, Athens (GR) – 31 Mai-9 Juin 2014

“Jewellery Art Workers” (J.A.W), the Association of Greek jewellery designers, is happy to announce the Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition S Y M B O L S, from May 31 to June 9, at the Old Retorts of the Industrial Gas Museum, at Technopolis – City of Athens.

Opening: Saturday, May 31st, at 20.00

42 Artists – Distinguished Designers participate in a dialogue around contemporary symbolism taking the form of pieces of jewellery, with the use of various materials and mediums.


These pieces of jewellery resist the ravages of time and arrive in the future as fragments carrying coded information – symbols of our times.
The past is reinterpreted, the present is recorded and the messages are carried to the future, using Inspiration as their guide and Art as their vehicle!
Art Video and Performances will be also presented and jewellery workshops and guided tours will take place during the exhibition hours.

Curator: Anna Chassanakou

Participating Artists: Kalliopi Arnaoutaki — Artemis Valsamaki — Stavros Vlachos — Melanie Georgacopoulos — Vasilis Giampouras — Akis Goumas – Aphrodite Goula — Stella Deligianni — Tania Drakidou — Artemis Zafrana — Thomas Thomidis — Victoria Ioannidou — Iosif Iosifidis — Anastasia KandarakiChristina Karakalpaki –  Apostolos Klitsiotis — Paraskevi Kokolaki — Vally Kontidis — Marialena Leondaraki — Katerina Malami — Lefteris Margaritis — Mary Margoni-Yannis Mandilakis — Katerina Meliopoulou — Maria Militsi – Sarina Beza — Fotini Nikolaidou — Sofia Papalexiou — Liana Pattihis — Barbara Perrakis — Aspasia Polyzou — Vaggelis Polyzos — Antria Prasinou — Eleftheria Stamati — Iosif Stavroulakis — Niki StylianouMaria Tsimpiskaki — Otsis (Vasilios Tsoutsoplidis) — Dora Haralambaki — Maria Chatzaleksi-Errikos Andreopoulos — Maria Psarianou — COSMOCHAOS Maria Apostolopoulou-Nikos Karakostas — D-OLIUM Sofia Bachlava-Vassilis Stamoulis


Victoria Ioannidou "Seed Pods-Seeds" (detail)  expo SYMBOLSVictoria Ioannidou « Seed Pods-Seeds » (detail)  for SYMBOLS

 Paraskevi Kokolaki for "SYMBOLS"Paraskevi Kokolaki for « SYMBOLS »

lianapattihis in her studio #workinprogress #jewellery #enamel leaves #LianaPattihis #artjewellery #necklace master-at-workLiana Pattihis in her studio – work in progress with enamel … in progress & yet so beautiful !



Technopolis – City of Athens
Industrial Gas Museum
100, Pireos str., Gazi, Athens.
+30 210 3475518, +30 210 3453548
Visiting hours: Daily, 12.00 – 22.00

Contact: Τ. +30 6944687296,,
FB: J.A.W. Jewellery Art Workers


EXPO ‘The After Joya effect – Niki Stylianou’ – Popeye Loves Olive, Athens (Greece) – 1er-14 Juin 2014

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The « After Joya effect »  – Niki Stylianou Jewellery
Inauguration mardi 3 juin  à 19:00h
Photo de Erato Eratu.
Inspired by the Joya – International Jewelry Exhibition in Barcelona, 6 Greek and 28 foreign jewelry designers, travel and meet again, this time at a new place, “Popeye Loves Olive” in Athens. The aim of this encounter is the interaction and the transformation of individuality to collaboration, diversity to unification and exchange to sharing.
NIKI STYLIANOUShe was born in Athens, Greece. She studied Architecture Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. She completed her postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Art(MA 1994, School of Architecture and Interior Design, MPhil 1998, School of Communication Design and School of Humanities).
She has also attended several courses and workshops on printmaking, painting, ceramics and jewelry.
From 1994 to 2001 she worked in London as a freelance Architect and Designer. Her projects were multidisciplinary covering a number of fields between Architecture and Art.
In 2001 she returned to Greece and formed the Architectural team L.A.ST., together with T. Athanassopoulos and A. Lapourtas.
Since 2004 Niki Stylianou works as an artist and jewelry designer/maker.
She has participated in several national and international exhibitions.ABOUT HER WORK
The Ancient Greek word «kosmos» could be read as rhythm; as order; as the making of a pattern that could be traced again and again and be embodied in the cosmos as we understand it. In a way «kosmos» makes the cosmos visible. «Kosmos» could also be read as adornment. Homeric epics describe how «kosmos» clothes the body as a second skin to make it appear.
Through her work, N. Stylianou, tries to redefine «kosmos», designing adornments made of ordinary and overlooked everyday objects. Things that she de-constructs and re-arranges in space/puzzles, that clothe the body while speaking of immaterial relationships: the precious and the non-precious; the beautiful and the ambiguous; the familiar and the unusual; the lasting and the ephemeral.
Continuous themes are also geometry and exploration of pattern, texture and balance.
In the following collections, the object chosen to be de-constructed and researched is the rubber glove. Rubber gloves are thus washed several times until they become odor free, they are hand cut, hand painted, stitched, fabricated and mixed with precious and semi-precious materials.
The resulting work is elegant and well-crafted with an underlying sense of humor.

Niki Stylianous - Neckpiece: Rubber, SilverNiki Stylianous - Neckpiece: Rubber, Silver
 Niki Stylianou !Niki Stylianou
Niki Stylianous - Photo de Yearbook.Niki Stylianou
Libona 5, Plateia Agias Eirinis
10560 Athènes

 tel +30 21 0867 3461


EXCEEDED BORDERS Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof 2014 – Bad Rappenau (DE) – 29 Mai-1er Juin 2014

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EXCEEDED BORDERSSchmucksymposium Zimmerhof 2014

EXCEEDED BORDERS  Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof 2014


Now a days limits and borders are changeable and exceeding limits belongs to our everyday experience. The image of the boundary as a line, which separates two or more spaces from each another, becomes a border area, a space in-between; an interface or threshold between different areas.

But what limits are exceeded in ‘Jewellery’ exactly? What are the consequences of transgressions? Can existing boundaries actually be repealed or we rather only deal with their shift and visualization? What happens when all limits are exceeded? Do we overrun at some point to an end? Borders and limitations have been part of our human history and nature from the beginning. Whether it may be a physical or mental limit to cross, it has been and is still a challenge that — often through destruction of existing norms — still helps development. Jewellery today is constantly stretching its existing borders. Shifts from being only functional and adequate to fulfill it’s long existing social position, to expropriate characteristics of fine art and gaining a strong conceptual content and presence. What are its limits? Why the aim, to make it more conceptual content and presence. What are its limits? Why the aim, to make it more than what is was for hundreds of years? What are the special means to help it grow and to change its borderlines?

Christina Karababa
Jorge Manilla
Flora Vagi




Schloss Heinsheim,
Gundelsheimerstr 36
D 74906 Bad Rappenau
Fax +49/ 07264/ 808854
Tel: +49/ 07264/ 808853
weekdays 9:00 – 12:30

EXPO ‘A Touch of Steel’ – Deutsches Klingenmuseum, Solingen (DE) – 24 Mai-31 Aout 2014

Inauguration vendredi 23 mai, 18:30

Deutsches Klingen Museum  (Musée Allemand de la Coutellerie)

Une exposition en collaboration avec le colloque Rhénanie du Nord/Westphalie et l’Académie royale des Beaux-Arts d’Anvers.

 24.05.-31.08.2014, SOLINGEN A Touch of Steel – Stahlpreis 2014. Deutsches Klingenmuseum, Klosterhof 4.
Kolloquium Nordrhein-Westfalen (Hrsg.); Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (Hrsg.), A Touch of Steel, Steel Prize 2014 (Stahlpreis 2014), englische Sprache, 128 Seiten, zahlreiche Abbildungen, Antwerpen 2014.
Ab dem 23. Mai an der Museumkasse und im Online-Shop erhältlich.
« Le colloque Rhénanie du Nord/Westphalie, basé à Düsseldorf, promeut depuis de nombreuses années, l’approche artistique et créative pour le matériau acier ou en acier inoxydable dans une petite taille.
Le colloque publie tous les trois à quatre ans un concours sur le thème du bijou, de l’équipement et de la petite sculpture, en acier ou en acier inoxydable. Le matériau fragile résiste -ensembles – contrairement aux lignes pures métaux précieux – la conception convoitise de ungehemm-e et les appels de l’artiste et créateur de bijoux discipline.
Le prix de l’acier 2014 montre les résultats de la compétition, qui était réalisée en collaboration avec l’Université des Arts (Académie royale des Beaux-Arts) à Anvers (Belgique). En plus des œuvres sélectionnées de 22 élèves artistes du bijou déjà présentés. Parmi les élèves deux prix et deux mentions honorables ont été attribuées. » ………..
Jorge Manilla - for "A touch of Steel"Jorge Manilla – 3 pieces  for « A touch of Steel »
Jorge Manilla - for "A touch of Steel"Jorge Manilla – 3 pieces  for « A touch of Steel »
Jorge Manilla - for "A touch of Steel"Jorge Manilla – 3 pieces  for « A touch of Steel »
Vincent Vestrepen  Vincent Vestrepen
Orsola losnczyOrsola losnczy
Josefine MassJosefine Mass
Annika VirkenAnnika Virken
David Huycke David Huycke


Deutsches Klingenmuseum
Klosterhof 4
D-42653 Solingen
Service 0212-25836-0
Termine 0212-25836-36
Telefax 0212-25836-30

EXPO ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ – Estudio Gallery, Kyfissia (Athens)(GR) – 5-28 Juin 2014

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On the occasion of the classic game « Rock Paper Scissors » six designers create unique peaces of jewelery. They play with Metal, Paper, Clay, Fabric. Colors, forms, textures, a fantastic play between balance and creations.

In this game participate:  Victoria Ioannidou –  Thodoris P. –  Tonia PoulakiAgapi Smpokou – Eleftheria Spantidaki — Katerina Halkiadaki
Opening: 5.6.2014, 7.30 p.m.


 "Rock Paper Scissors" six designers create unique peaces of jewelery.
Victoria Ioannidou - Photo de Eleftheria Spantidaki.
Victoria Ioannidou
Victoria Ioannidou.Victoria Ioannidou
Estudio Gallery

22A, Kyriazi str.,
14562 Kephissia
tel: +30 21 0808 6611


EXPO ‘Helen Britton: Pairs of Pieces’ – Gallery Funaki, Melbourne (AU) – 20 Mai-14 Juin 2014

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Helen Britton: Pairs of Pieces

Helen Britton, Brooches, 2013(Helen Britton – Brooches   2013 – 925 silver, diamonds, vintage plastics)

« When I’m making my work, although I rarely have a clear idea of the end result, I am in pursuit of a fleeting vision that I chase along until the pieces start to materialize on my worktable. Over so many years of making I have observed that this often results in pairs of pieces. There they are then, in the end, these two friendly companions, singing together, vibrating at the right intensity, complementing each other, yet quite autonomous.
What happened along the way? Was there just too much to say to fit into one work? The vision is often dense and chaotic, so perhaps it is a kind of spreading and organizing within the creative process that produces the two possibilities. And this is jewellery after all, so there needs to be space for the wearer.
It not only like this though. At other times, works are being made or coming back to the studio. I lay them out to revisit them, learn more about them, and during this process I recognize quite clearly relationships between pairs, that may in fact be separated by months or even years. For this exhibition I have made and gathered works that examine this experience. »
Helen Britton, April 2014

Helen Britton, Necklaces, 2013Helen BrittonNecklaces: Untitled, 2013925 silver, paint

Helen Britton, Rings, 2013Helen BrittonRings: Untitled, 2013 – 925 silver, Canadian black spot diamonds

Helen Britton - Necklace, 2012 / silver, plastic / Necklace, 2013 / silver, plasticHelen Britton – Necklace, 2012 / silver, plastic / Necklace, 2013 / silver, plastic

Helen Britton Brooches, 2013 / silver, Swarovski glass, plastic, paintHelen Britton Brooches, 2013 / silver, Swarovski glass, plastic, paint


Gallery Funaki
4 Crossley Street
3000 – Melbourne
Telephone: 613 9662 9446
Fax: 613 9662 9446website:


EXPO ‘A bit of CLAY on the SKIN’ – World Jewellery Museum, SEOUL (South Korea) – 28 Mai-9 Nov. 2014

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Exhibition- «Un Peu de Terre sur la Peau/ A Bit of Clay on the Skin»

28th of May> 9th of September

28th of May> 9th of September 2014 - a little clay on the skin / ceramic jewelry - SEOUL


Artists:     Yasar AydinMarion DelarueCarole DeltenreIris Eichenberg Willemijn de Greef Andi GutGésine HackenbergPeter HoogeboomRian de Jong Manon van KouswijkNatalie LuderEvert NijlandTed NotenMarie PendarièsKatja Prins Tiina RajakallioTerhi TolvanenYiumsiri VantanapinduLuzia VogtShu-lin Wu Christoph Zellweger.

World Jewellery Museum
75-3 Hwa-dong Jongno-gu Seoul-si
Seoul, Corea


EXPO ‘The After Joya effect – Maria Tsimpiskaki’ – Popeye Loves Olive, Athens (Greece) – 20-31 Mai 2014

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The « After Joya effect »  – Tsimpiskaki Maria Jewellery
 Tsimpiskaki Maria Jewellery exhibition!!
Inspired by the Joya – International Jewelry Exhibition in Barcelona, 6 Greek and 28 foreign jewelry designers, travel and meet again, this time at a new place, “Popeye Loves Olive” in Athens. The aim of this encounter is the interaction and the transformation of individuality to collaboration, diversity to unification and exchange to sharing.MARIA TSIMPISKAKI
Maria Tsimpiskaki was born in Rethimno, Crete in Greece. She graduated from “Athens University of Economics and Business”. She is a jewelry designer since 1990 after attending painting, sculpture, jewelry making and design courses. She lives and works in Athens.She thinks of jewelry design as a combination of lines, colors and materials that each time reveals a result of a given frame of mind, of different mental and emotional state.
It is the lines, the forms and the shapes that we encounter all around us in the natural world, in the street, or in everyday life, or even in the images that trigger in the mind…
The colors that are inherent to the materials, almost invariably require special processing before they are revealed…
Finally the materials themselves, whether luxurious, or humble, complementary or disparate or ephemeral, worked by hand; using traditional and modern techniques they produce a range of unique pieces.
Her aim is to create jewelry that are flawless in terms of construction and finish, perfectly fitting the human body so they become an essential and cherished accessory, setting off the personality of the wearer.
She is a member of the international art jewelry community klimt02 and the Italian association of contemporary jewelry AGC και Gioiellodentro.

Tsimpiskaki Maria
Tsimpiskaki Maria
Erosion-Bracelet-Maria Tsimpiskaki.

Tsimpiskaki Maria – erosion bracelet – Silver & PVC

Maria Tsimpiskaki  Jewellery   Maria Tsimpiskaki  Jewellery
Libona 5, Plateia Agias Eirinis
10560 Athènes

 tel +30 21 0867 3461

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