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EXPO ‘EXTREME WEARABLES’ – MadLgallery, Taipei (Taiwan) – 14 Juin-6 Juill. 2014

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« Extreme Wearables » Wu Ching-Chih Solo Exhibition。

@MadLgallery。  opening: 6/14  3:00pm

Photo de mad L.
Wu Ching-Chih : « This series of wearable sculpture was inspired and made while I stayed at Anderson Ranch Art Center studio. The purpose of this series is to find possible relations between sculpture and jewelry. Among these sculptures, they are not only seen as pieces of art, but also are wearable accessories for one’s collection. On the other hand, these art pieces are able to « interact » with people by being a part of their daily wearing accessories.As for the shapes and colors in these artworks, they demonstrated the beautiful nature that I encountered during my residency in Anderson Ranch Art Center. I used simple colors, such as black, gray and white, to illustrate the contrast between landscapes and snow. During this period, I also expected my work to have interaction with different residential artists. Thus, I used photography to bring back my original concept “the relationship between sculptures and wearable » « .

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