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EXPO ‘TOPYOUNG 14′ – Ubi Gallery, Beijing (CN) – 22 Aout-17 Sept. 2014

Ubi Gallery  -  TOPYOUNG 14

EXPO - Ubi gallery - UBI top young 2014

Exhibition Aug 22 – Sept 17
Opening August 22 - 16:00-18:00 – Several artists will be there to introduce their work to you. They are happy to meet you and you are more than welcome to join.

From over 50 Asian jewellery graduates an international jury selected the 10 best submissions. You can find innovative and elegant pieces made out of bamboo and copper. Personal stories expressed by silk thread and historical references of jade burial suits and more.Jewellery designers are famous for their innovative use of material and their ability to make small wearable sculptures. If you want to see what is going on in this new discipline, you can can find a nice and fresh overview in Ubi Gallery.
- Chien-Lin SU — Dong DING –  Jingjing ZHANG — Jiwon YANG –  Jingyao SUN – Li LIANGLi-An YOUNG –  Menglu HUANG –  Wenyu LIAO –  Yezhi ZHANG
Li Liang Necklace: Line, 2014 Copper, paint Li LIANG - Necklace: Line, 2014 Copper, paint
Photo de Ubi Gallery - Jingyao SUN Jingyao SUN
Photo de Ubi Gallery - yang ji wonJiwon YANG
Photo de Ubi Gallery - Dong DING Dong DING
at Ubi Gallery - yezhi zhang - shadow of bambooYezhi Zhang -  « shadow of bamboo »
ubi gallery  - Li-An YOUNG _magen1-2_2 Li-An YOUNG
at UBI gallery - " wrapping" by Wenyu Liao«  wrapping » – by Wenyu Liao
Ubi Gallery

Yangmeizhu Street 39, Dashilar
Xicheng District, 100051
Beijing, China

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