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EXPO ‘Marzee Graduate Show 2014′ – Marzee Gallery, Nijmegen (NL) – 17 Aout-24 Oct. 2014

Marzee Graduate show 2014

The exhibition will open at 4pm on Sunday 17 August 2014

Annual Marzee Selection of Graduate Work Jewelry 2014 from International Academies and Colleges 

over 70 freshly graduated students from 30 countries ……

Marzee graduation show winners :

Katie Collins RMIT Australia,

Vera Aldiejohann Fachhochschule Germany,

Sophie Baumgärtner Halle Germany,

Ayano Takahashi Hiko Mizuno Japan,

Li Liang Gotheburg Sweden,

Eun Ji Choi Cranbrook USA  -

congrats to all !!!

Carla Movia (Alchimia) 2014Carla Movia (Alchimia) 2014
« The commemoration of a secret that only through a rite can be revealed. Lighting up a candle in order to discover the unknown, celebrating the wait more than the final result. Then, it’s only through the act of wearing that the jewel gains its complete freedom. « 
 Nicolas Estrada, [Idar-Obserstein, Germany] (photo Current Obsession)Nicolas Estrada, [Idar-Obserstein, Germany] (photo Current Obsession)

Ayano TakahashiAyano Takahashi

Li Liang Necklace: Line, 2014 Copper, paintLi Liang – Necklace: Line, 2014 Copper, paint

Lage Markt 3 / Waalkade 4
6511 VK Nijmegen, Netherlands
tel +31 24 322 9670

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