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EXPO ’4 SOLOS – 4 SOULS’ – Gallery Hnoss/Konstepidemin, Göteborg (SE) – 2-21 Sept. 2014

« 4 SOLOS – 4 SOULS » , Opening night 2-9

4 solos, 4 souls is an exhibition curated by Hnoss Initiative and present four young, visually very strong international jewellery artists. The work of the chosen artists shows a wide perspective of what contemporary jewellery is about, within its format of four solo exhibitions in a common context.

"4 SOLOS - 4 SOULS", Opening night 2-9 Gallery Konstepidemin












Noon PassamNoon Passama

“Portraits” collection presents jewellery pieces as personalities. They are representations of characters through abstracted and constructed facial aspects opening for interpretation, identification, and imagination”.  Noon Passama

 Nhat vu DangNhat-Vu-DangNhat-Vu-Dang-Green-Fold-backing-beskuren Nhat-Vu-Dang

“My work has two appearances, at first it seems stark, strict, geometric and monochrome, but then through interaction of the wearer or the environment it reveals it’s colourful aspect. I like to surprise people, to make them realize that nothing is what it initially seems.“  Nhat-Vu Dang

 Despo SophocleousDespo Sophocleous

“While maps and the spaces they create have been sources of inspiration in the development of my work, it is also the physical and emotional elements associated with place that allow me to create pieces, which represent and document movement, change and transformation in time and space.” Despo Sophocleous

 Benedikt FischerBenedikt Fischer

I am interested in things that withstand the test of time, that are maintained in our culture without question and which are established in our lives as axioms. I choose to work with industrially made products in plastic as a research of esthetics in our time and because I can’t deprive myself from it.”
Benedikt Fischer



Hnoss / Konstepidemin Gallery
Konstepidemins väg 6,
413 14 Göteborg,

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