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Another SUSPENS ….. for JOYA 2014 & ENJOIA’T Award ?

JOYA Barcelona 2014 –  Art Jewellery Fair, October 9, 10 and 11, 2014

JOYA Barcelona 2014 –
Angela Ciobanu - with the good dates ! (broche « piece for the heart » – silver, fine gold, kem boo techique, recycled silk paper, fretsaw blades -  8 cm diameter)
Angela Ciobanu  nous fait l’honneur, et le grand plaisir (surtout au vu de sa nouvelle collection qui a l’air splendide et me plait infiniment …) d’être doublement présente à JOYA 2014. De plus elle a eu l’extrême gentillesse de m’envoyer quelques photos de sa nouvelle collection « Forget me not » en avant-première !


seleccionats als Premis de Joieria Contemporània Enjoia’t 2014 :  Categoria Professional : Silvia Beccaria –  Agnès WoInbar Shahak Angela CiobanuMarta HerraduraRodrigo AcostaGalit Barak Mirèia Calaf — Gerard Duch.

« Our mind collects memories. Bits of time, certain places, words, whispers, smiles, touches, fragrances perforate and cut their way, ‘wounding’ our mind until they become part of it. Blissful or painful, we store them and we continuously transform them, changing as well the value we confer them.
I tried to look beyond the commonly accepted idea that jewellery is associated to, that of adornment for the body. I disregarded the value the piece of jewellery should have in the eye of the viewer, and stressed upon the meanings and the values it has for the wearer.
The notion of preciousness, if any, is to be revealed primarily to the wearer, as a very personal experience.
My objects are fragile, nearly ephemeral, reflecting the fragility of the memories that created them. And they bring back whispers,
moments, smiles that ought not to be forgotten.« 

 Angela Ciobanu - Forget ne not collection - Brooch (2) 2014Angela Ciobanu – Forget ne not collection – Brooch 2014 – 585 gold, recycled silk paper, steel, vitreous
enamel, fretsaw blade -  7 cm diameter

Angela Ciobanu Ring 2014Angela Ciobanu - Ring - Forget ne not collection -2014 – 585 gold, fine gold,recycled silk paper, fretsaw blades

 Angi Ciobanu Ring - Forget ne not collection - 2014Angela Ciobanu – Ring – Forget ne not collection – 2014  – 585 gold, fine gold,recycled silk paper,fretsaw blades



ENJOIA’T 2014 9 octubre, 20h
Fàbrica MORITZ – Ronda Sant Antoni 39, Barcelona
Entrada lliure, aforament limitat.
(places limitées ! soyez ponctuels !!)
tel +34 934 26 00 50


JOYA: Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair
Arts Santa Monica Centre
Rambla, 7
08001 – Barcelona
Telephone: +34 93 459 24 06

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