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EXPO ‘Handshake 2′ – Toi Poneke Arts Centre, Wellington (NZ) -21 Nov.-13 Dec. 2014

Hand shake 2
The three-phase Handshake project embraces and showcases new pathways in art education by giving post-graduation jewellers the opportunity to be mentored by internationally established and well-respected artists of their choice. The culmination of its second phase, the exhibition Handshake 2, will present the work of a select group of thirteen mentees. Half way through a two year professional development programme, their practice, techniques and materials can be seen to have already been expanded and enriched.
with :
Vanessa ArthurAmelia Pascoe — Suni Hermon — Karren Dale — Julia Middleton — Kelly McDonald – Lisa HigginsKathryn YeatsRaewyn WalshRenee BevanSarah Walker-HoltSoo Jeong LeeTineke Jansen

The mentees and mentors are:

Amelia Pascoe and Ruudt Peters  /  Julia Middleton and Terhi Tolvanen  /  Karren Dale and Gemma Draper  /  Kelly McDonald and Kirsten Haydon  /  Lisa Higgins and Cal Lane  /  Kathryn Yeats and Ben Pearce  /  Raewyn Walsh and Henriette Schuster  /  Renee Bevan and Harrell Fletcher  /  Sarah Walker Holt and Helen Britton  / Soo Jeong Lee and Natalia Milosz-Piekarska  /  Suni Hermon and Sally Marsland  /  Tineke Jansen and Ela Bauer  /  Vanessa Arthur and David Neale

Sarah Walker-Holt - Time Parallel Necklace  Sarah Walker-Holt - Time Parallel Necklace

Rebecca Yeats Necklace Rebecca Yeats Necklace
61 – 69 Abel Smith St, Te Aro,
Wellington 6012 – NZ
tel +64 4-385 1929


EXPO ‘FINDING – Central St Martins BA Jewellery design’ – The Foundling Museum, London (UK) – 14 Nov. 2014 – 30 Janv. 2015

  FINDING CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS BA JEWELLERY DESIGN Finding is a project by eight students and three members of staff of the BA Jewellery Design course at Central Saint Martins with the aim of explore the archives and the museum’s collections of the Foundling Hospital. With this starting point each artist developed a piece that represents the opposite feelings that the collection awoke
with : Caroline Broadhead, Lin Cheung, Fiona Chong, Gabriella Garnham, Rosie Greener, Haya Luttfullah, Maria Militsi, Wizal Xinyn Wang, Harriet Williams, Pnyuan Yang, Scarlett Zhang
The history of the Foundling Hospital is rich and engaging. It is of especial interest to those eager to explore the power of objects to denote an emotional connection. The main aim of this project was to use the collection to initiate creative responses and through this exhibition to contribute to a growing awareness of the Museum’s significance. Eight students and three members of staff of the BA Jewellery Design course at Central Saint Martins have explored the archives and the museum’s collections to develop ideas for a piece of jewellery. Another aim of this extra curricula project was to have a chance for students and staff to work together as equals. In addition, the project included two ‘Tokens of Identity’ workshops, conceived by the jewellery students and delivered to schoolchildren from Maria Fidelis School and Haverstock School, which allowed them the opportunity to impart their findings and enthusiasms to younger learners.
There are many narratives about the Foundling Hospital’s history that are compelling, strong themes of abandonment, regimented living, the lack of intimacy and affection, loss of identity and systems of renaming. The central part of the museum’s collection are the tokens that were left as a lasting, but largely undisclosed, connection of a parent to a child and these are eloquent mementos of their separation. These range from buttons, coins, keys, snippets of ribbon and textiles and even bits of jewellery, all of which could have served to unite a parent and a child long after babyhood. With such a wealth of stories it is impossible not to compare present day attitudes and circumstances to these histories and our discussions have included changes in attitude towards children then and now and how different countries take care of their abandoned children.
Jewellers have a strong awareness of the ability of small, closely held objects to convey the value of a relationship, a locket containing a portrait or lock of hair, a piece that has been gifted or handed down are classic examples. Each participant has produced a piece that expresses both the positive and the negative feelings the collection elicits – of abandonment and belonging, uniformity and individuality, the loss of identity and the chance for a new life. 
 Fiona Chong Neckpiece: Revalued, 2014 Brass, copper, aluminium, nylon  .Fiona Chong Neckpiece: Revalued, 2014 Brass, copper, aluminium, nylon
Inspired by the foundling tokens, I focused on the way marks can express loss and act as distinctive identifiers. I embossed scrap pieces of metal, collected from our school’s jewellery workshop, with quotes from the Foundling Voices interviews with former pupils and made each into an individual piece of jewellery.
 Gabriella Garnham Piece: Who Are We?, 2014 Engraved, Silver plated brass . Gabriella Garnham Piece: Who Are We?, 2014 Engraved, Silver plated brass In the eighteenth century foundlings were unable to discover their real identity. As technology has developed, I imagined how this might change in the future; a child might receive their DNA markers at birth, represented by a unique sequence of Emojicons, which would then be traceable.

 Lin Cheung Piece: Pinpoint, 2014 Giclée print Lin Cheung Piece: Pinpoint, 2014 Giclée print Secure but easily undone, the pins that held the textile tokens in the billet books, inspired me to have one tattooed on my body – a permanent attachment that cannot be undone

 Puyuan Yang Piece: X, 2014 Found rubber ball Puyuan Yang Piece: X, 2014 Found rubber ball I thought the cross that substituted a signature on one of the registry documents summed up the lack of clear identity of a foundling and marked the estrangement from their past. I found objects in the street and reworked them into crosses, this one from a rubber ball.

 Scarlett Zhang Necklace: Nothing to Hold on to, 2014 Gold Plated Brass, leather.Scarlett Zhang Necklace: Nothing to Hold on to, 2014 Gold Plated Brass, leather Each foundling left the Foundling Hospital with a small suitcase with few possessions. These were the start of a new life, which may have been difficult without the emotional strength to manage this. To reference this, the suitcase and its handle are separate on my necklace.


40 Brunswick Square
WC1N 1AZ -  London

Admission £7.50 (Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00-17:00, Sunday: 11:00-17:00, Mondays: Closed)

Catalogue edited by Lin Cheung and introduction by Caroline Broadhead.

  catalogue edited by Lin Cheung and introduction by Caroline Broadhead.


Marché de créateurs ‘EMBALLÉ/DÉBALLÉ’ – ISELP, Bruxelles (BE) – 12-13-14 Dec. 2014

Marché de créateurs le 12,13 et 14 décembre précédé d’une exposition au rayon Art et Objet de L’Iselp… – avec Claire Lavendhomme, Isabelle AzaïsNelly Van Oost , Cécile Bertrand, ….. à L’iselp.

emballé-déballé dec2014

Suite à la collaboration avec Design September, un moment plus festif y succède à la veille des fêtes : EMBALLÉ/DÉBALLÉ, 22 créateurs proposent une vitrine-vente du savoir-faire allant du bijou à la céramique.
Une occasion, et surtout, un grand plaisir de montrer de nouvelles productions contemporaines.

Faezeh Afchary, Nevin Arig, Isabelle Azaïs, Cécile Bertrand, Isabelle Carpentier, Marie Chantelot, Nathalie De Smedt, Anne Goy, Sarah Guilloux, Selma Houissa, Michel Jedwab, Françoise Joris, Vincent Kempenaers, Christine Keyeux, Claire Lavendhomme, Thérèse Lebrun, Caroline Léger, Chloé Noyon, Jean-Pol Urbain, Dorothée Van Biesen, Nelly Van Oost, Fabienne Withofs

En partenariat avec le WCC-BF

Cécile Bertrand / emballé déballéCécile Bertrand – broches

Isabelle Azaïs / Emballé déballéIsabelle Azaïs

Dorothée Van Biesen  / Emballé déballéDorothée Van Biesen

Nevin Arig / Emballé déballéNevin Arig - broches

Claire Lavendhomme / emballé déballéClaire Lavendhomme

Anne Goy /emballé deballéAnne Goy

Nelly Van Oost / emballe deballeNelly Van Oost

 Christine Keyeux / emballé déballé Christine Keyeux


Boulevard de Waterloo, 31
B-1000 Bruxelles
+32 (0)2/ 504 80 70
Fondé en 1971, L’iselp -institut supérieur pour l’étude du langage plastique- est un lieu où l’art contemporain est abordé sous différents angles qui s’enrichissent mutuellement. Cette pluralité fait sa singularité: nos activités de monstration, de réflexion, de recherche, de médiation et d’édition rendent compte de toute la richesse de l’actualité artistique.


EXPO ‘Tabea Reulecke’ – Galeria Thomas Cohn, São Paulo (Bresil) – 19 Nov.- 13 Dec. 2014

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A Galeria Thomas Cohn inaugura em 19 de novembro de 2014, às 19h, a primeira individual da artista alemã Tabea Reulecke no Brasil. A exposição é composta por uma série de criações figurativas em joalheria contemporânea, que inclui 12 colares, e quatro broches.

Tabea Reulecke

Tabea Reulecke is one of the most relevant artists from the new generation of german jewellers. Born in Berlin (1981), Tabea studied in the University of Applied Sciences in Idar Oberstein and then in the famous Art Academy in Tallin, Estonia and the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam.
Different to most, her subjects are basically figurative. She uses human, sometimes mythological figures and animals and flowers. These front images are carefully finished in enamel and the reverse in silver with ironic shadows of mice or deers.
Tabea has shown several times in Gallery Marzee and other galleries in Germany, Belgium and Thailand, and lectures in Australia, Belgium, Chile and Thailand.
Our exhibition shows twelve necklaces and four brooches of her most recent production.

Tabea Reulecke  Necklace: Wenn die Mäuse auf dem Tisch tanzen 2012  Enamel, copper, oxidised silver  Photo: Manuel Ocana MascaróTabea Reulecke – Necklace: Wenn die Mäuse auf dem Tisch tanzen 2012  Enamel, copper, oxidised silver  Photo: Manuel Ocana Mascaró

Tabea Reulecke - brooch back & frontTabea Reulecke – brooch (back & front) Checker, 2012 – Silver oxidized, Enameled copper

Tabea Reulecke - neckpieceTabea Reulecke - neckpiece Leopard, 2014 – Silver oxidized, 18ct gold, Enameled copper

Tabea Reulecke Necklace: Leopard (BACK), 2014 Silver oxidized, 18ct gold, Enameled copperTabea Reulecke Necklace: Leopard (BACK), 2014 Silver oxidized, 18ct gold, Enameled copper



Galeria Thomas Cohn
r. Joaquim Antunes, 187, Jardim Paulistano,
São Paulo – Brasil
(11) 2528-0409 | 3085-0707



EXPO ‘Yoko Shimizu: Spotlight’ – Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge (USA) – 15 Nov.-30 Dec. 2014

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Yoko Shimizu: Spotlight Exhibition 

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13, from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m

Yoko Shimizu’s work is presented at Mobilia Gallery as a part of the series Spotlight Exhibitions that  feature a small collection of an artist’s most current work for a short period of time.

Yoko Shimizu: Spotlight Exhibition

« My approach to jewellery often begins with a focus on the relationship between the jewellery piece and the human body. I look for simplicity and harmony in this relationship through the process of making: experimenting with materials and forms, constructing one part at a time, pausing to see the effect on the body. In the end I feel the need to leave an imperfection or add or eliminate an element, so that there is something a bit off or unexpected. At times I am in search of tension, rigor and sometimes a touch of warmth.
« The theme of the series in colored resin is ‘Transformation.’ It is a part of a study in the transformation of forms, materials and colors. Pieces of wood are transformed into resin and the surface of wood is transferred onto the surface of resin. Transformation from wood to resin, from natural to artificial, from opaque to transparent. The transformation continues with the movement of the wearer and reflection of light, losing something but gaining something at the same time.«  Yoko Shimizu

Yoko Shimizu - Blue Thin Squares, Necklace Resin, pigment, silver, polyesterYoko Shimizu - Blue Thin Squares, Necklace Resin, pigment, silver, polyester

Yoko Shimizu Necklace: Blue Thin Irregular Shapes, 2014 Resin, pigment, silver

Yoko Shimizu Necklace: Blue Thin Irregular Shapes, 2014 Resin, pigment, silver

Yoko Shimizu / Green 3D Squares, Necklace Resin, pigment, silverYoko Shimizu – Green 3D Squares, Necklace Resin, pigment, silver

- Yoko Shimizu


Mobilia Gallery
358 Huron Avenue
MA 02138 -  Cambridge  – UNITED STATES



Montserrat Lacomba, from blog « mar de Color Rosa » has opened her workshop to public ….

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Atelier Montserrat Lacomba – ouverture 15 nov 2014

My colleague & friend Montserrat Lacomba from blog Mar de Color Rosa has opened her workshop to public : « November 15th, 2014 I invite you to the opening of my shop/workshop at Plaça de Sant Pere 2 in Girona« . VERY nice place with her nice & pleasant jewels ! A MUST GO if you visit Girona.

A lot of little enameled pieces, very pleasant to wear, are waiting for you ! :-)

« Mar de color rosa » : she works « with colors » as she says, colors of Mediterranean, of sea, clouds & sky, of plants & fishes, and all is happy, fresh, colorful but not too much, easy & pleasant to wear …. I recommend !!! :-)

Atelier Montserrat -ouverture 15 nov 2014« taller obert » !

« What would happen if the color of the snow were the color of ripe wheat or Coke? And what if the green of herbs became the tonality of dried beans? Where would we end up if one day gravity stopped? It could be that chickens will one day fly majestically like eagles and lambs learn to climb trees to shelter from the sun. Let’s not be surprised if one morning the sea no longer reaches the beach, allowing us to see what lies on the seabed. It would be less of a surprise if Lewis Carol’s “Alice” did not return from the hidden world behind the mirror because she thinks that life there is better. And what would happen if sea water were opaque and did not reflect the blue skies, yellow skin or scratched skies of bloody sunrises and sunsets? In the unlikely event upon which this might have occurred, Montserrat would have saved a sea, the pink sea (Mar de Color Rosa). That is the explanation of her brand. » –

Many thanks to my husband Agustí for this beautiful text!!!

Atelier Montserrat -ouverture 15 nov 2014Montserrat Lacomba y su broche « Giulietta » - Silver and cultivated pearl.

Atelier Montserrat -ouverture 15 nov 2014Montserrat lacomba – some of her necklaces & brooches ….

Atelier Montserrat -ouverture 15 nov 2014enamels palette …

Atelier Montserrat -ouverture 15 nov 2014Montserrat Lacomba necklace, this one in blue. Silver, copper, enamel and leather.

Nsome of her earrings

Montserrat Lacomba earrings_progressMontserrat Lacomba earrings in progress

Montserrat Lacomba enameled piecesMontserrat Lacomba enameled pieces are ready ….

living Girona by nightliving Girona by night … with sky & water colors …

Plaça de Sant Pere 2,  in Girona



EXPO ‘Parallel Worlds’ – Alliages, Lille (FR) – 13 Déc. 2014- 17 Janv. 2015

Les Mondes Parallèles
Opening of the exhibition next Friday Dec. 12th, 2014 at 18h PM.
New display with The Parallel Worlds, the new ALLIAGES exhibition showing
the works (for jewelry) of :
Les Mondes Parallèles


The Parallel Worlds, dream or reality, where beauty is everywhere, where wonders begin or end.
Angela Ciobanu - "Piece for the heart" (broche) Angela Ciobanu - « Piece for the heart » (broche) silver, fine gold, recycled silk paper, fretsaw blades
Keum boo technique
Rodrigo Acosta - Rito Cardíaco (broche)
Rodrigo Acosta – Rito Cardíaco (broche) 
Isabelle Busnel, brooch – white silicone rubber with magnetsIsabelle Busnel, brooch – white silicone rubber with magnets
Viktoria MunzkerViktoria Munzker Necklace: Corialias, 2014 – Porcelain, glass, Silver, granules, old plastic pearls
20 x 20 x 3 cm

Mar Sanchez - broche oct 2014Mar Sanchez - broche oct 2014
Sebastien CarréSebastien CarréCollier, bois, fibres, perles,2014 – Necklace, wood, fibers, beads – photo Lee Makkam
Sébastien Carré - Organique, Collier, 2014 Organic, Necklace  bois, fibres, perles, wood, fibers, beadsSébastien Carré - Organique, Collier, 2014   bois, fibres, perles, porté
Alina Carp - brooch 2014Alina Carp – brooch 2014
Ana Carolina EscobarAna Carolina Escobar - Ring: Memoria-Historia, 2014 – silicon, Blown glass, Gold Plated Brass
Carina Chistaz-Shoshtary Brooch: Stained 6 Graffiti, silver, stainless steel Graffiti paint taken from a Graffiti wall, divided in fine layers, form hollowly built, form made strong with layer of bioresin inside --  The Parallel Worlds.Carina Chistaz-Shoshtary Brooch: Stained 6 Graffiti, silver, stainless steel Graffiti paint taken from a Graffiti wall, divided in fine layers, form hollowly built, form made strong with layer of bioresin inside
Sangji YUN - broochSangji YUN – brooch
Karen VanmolKaren Vanmol necklace: Cultivate – wood, laminate, plastic vintage, beads, brass, spray paint, silver  Cutting, soldering, gluing, spray , painting
Cai Xuan WuCai Xuan WuBrooch: Under the sea – Acrilic, Plastic – Hand knitting, colour dyening.
Nicole Schuster  Brooch Nicole Schuster  Brooch
Ingeborg VandammeIngeborg Vandamme Necklace: Tear catcher, 2014 – silver, paper, pigment
Aiko Fujita - (AFEDAP - diplomes 2014)Aiko Fujita – (AFEDAP – diplomes 2014)
Karin Roy Andersson Brooch: Catching Big Fish, 2013 Recycled plastics; icecream boxes, fast food containers, textile, steel - The Parallel Worlds.Karin Roy Andersson  - Brooch: Catching Big Fish, 2013 Recycled plastics; icecream boxes, fast food containers, textile, steel
Konstantinos KonstantopoulosKonstantinos Konstantopoulos
Liisa Hashimoto.Liisa Hashimoto Pin: Silver chair shadow – silver
Maria Tsimpiskaki, Corruption collection,ring, 2014Maria Tsimpiskaki, Ring: Corrosion-Corruption: The Negative of Dreams, 2014 – Sterling Silver, gold plated, pvc, patina – Traditional metal working techniques, hand forming for PVC.
George Giannoutsos brooch 2014George Giannoutsos
Gigi Mariani - bangle 2014Gigi Mariani – Bracelet: Moments « And the clouds were running », 2014 – Silver, 18kt yellow gold, niello, patina
Akis Goumas (& sa femme pour le textile)Akis Goumas & Georgia Gremouti (for the textile part)
Teresa FarisTeresa Faris Necklace: Collaboration with a bird III, 2014 – silver, wood altered by a bird
Peter Hoogeboom, Necklace, "red lantern" 2014Peter Hoogeboom, Necklace, « red lantern » 2014 – Taiwanese porcelain, silver
  José Marin   José Marin
111, Bd. Victor Hugo
F-59000 LILLE
Horaires : Lundi-Vendredi : 10h – 17h / Samedi : 10h-16h


EXPO ‘Joies a Part’ – Galeria Silvestre, Tarragona (ES) – 15-26 Nov. 2014

Joies a Part : Portuguese collective

Opening of the Gallery Silvestre with a collective of Portuguese jewelers : Beatriz Faustino, Carlos Silva, Gabriela Borges Coelho, Inês Telles, Inês Nunes, Marília Maria Mira, Olga Noronha, Telma Simões.

opening  15th November, 12.30h
The exhibition runs until 26th November 2014

Tarragona. "Joies a part" Exhibition at Galeria Silvestre. 15-26 Nov 2014(collar Telma Simoes)

Pensar la joyería, es pensar el cuerpo y la responsabilidad de como este cuerpo transporta y al mismo tiempo se modifica para traer una joya. Ésta ahora es una pieza de arte que llevamos encima, íntima y cercana. Pensar en joyería es pensar en miniatura, en la medida de las cosas a partir del cuerpo, de la mano, del dedo.
Una joyería dinámica en el sentido de relación, de comunicación, pequeñas historias que circulan. Pequeños mapas, ideas, conceptos, improntas, recuerdos…que se adaptan a nuestra manera de entender y cuestionar el mundo.
Este ciclo propone 3 colectivos de joyeras y joyeros que apuestan por una joyería cercana al espectador, donde este mismo es el expositor, y es quien coge conciencia de esto. La persona que trae la joya, entiende lo que lleva, y puede explicar el porqué lo lleva, es el portavoz de quien la ha realizado, como también el tirano que se lo adaptará al cuerpo. De aquí la importancia de hacer llegar el mensaje a la gente de qué entendemos por joyería. Esta relación cuerpo-joya, es la que queremos analizar y pensar en nuestro espacio. Joyas que explican y modifican un pensamiento. Y sobre todo como ésta pasea por la ciudad. De qué manera invadirá el espacio lo decidirán cada uno de los colectivos que nos visitarán en la Galería Silvestre.

EXPO 'Joies a Part' - Galeria Silvestre, Tarragona (ES) - 15-26 Nov. 2014 dans Beatriz FAUSTINO (PT) beatriz_faustino_brooch_backBeatriz Faustino Brooch back

carlos_silva dans Carlos SILVA (PT)Carlos Silva necklace

Marilia Maria Mira - O outro corpo -  Marilia Maria Mira – O outro corpo

O intruso - Olga NoronhaOlga Noronha - O intruso -


Galería Silvestre
Calle Real 60-62
43004 Tarragona, Spain
t. (+34) 977 591 836
t. (+34) 600 696 894


INTRAMURS 2014 – EXPO ‘Fabrikando’ – Fabrika12, Valencia (ES) – 7-16 Nov. 2014

Exposición dentro del marco de el movimiento artístico INTRAMURS 2014 de carácter multidisciplinar.

« Fabrikando »

Itinerario joyero en INTRAMURS 2014 : Cuatro exposiciones de joyería de vanguardia, inauguradas consecutivamente el 7 de noviembre en Valencia, marcaron el itinerario joyero en esta primera jornada de Intramurs. exposiciones abiertas hasta el 16 de noviembre :
*EK Gallery. C. Paz, 21.
*Taller de Pepe March. C. Mare Vella 19.
*Orfebres Peris Roca. C. Bolsería, 31.
*Fabrika12. C. Marqués de Caro



Artistas:  Jordi Aparicio — Natalia Araya (Hollow) – Rosa Borredá (Novilunium, estratos… ) — Mireia Calaf Beatriz Díaz Ceballo (El mundo en que vivimos) — Paloma García –  Laura Guillot (Reconstrucción) Sue Ibars (A través del silencio) — Tina Leon (Mi Eva Interior) — Miryam MorenoAna PalomaresEsperanza Pascual Carlos Pastor — Amparo de Ramón — Angeles Roca – Lucia Saez — Arantxa SainzMar Sanchez – Julia Sanchez Fernandez — Isabel Segovia — Beatriz Tagliaferri

Rosa Borreda   INTRAMURS-1  Novilunium, Estratos de mi memoria – 2014 Rosa Borreda – Novilunium, Estratos de mi memoria – 2014 -
« Mi trabajo nace de una pasión desmedida por el coleccionismo. Recopilar sistemáticamente objetos y curiosidades, donde seleccionar, almacenar y transformar se convierte en una verdadera obsesión hasta venerarlos como piezas únicas. Todos los objetos tuvieron un dueño y una historia antes de ser empleados o transformados por mí. Pasión por todo lo antiguo.  Elevar a otra categoría los objetos encontrados y perpetuarlos en el tiempo, fusionando conocimientos y experimentando con los materiales »

Rosa Borreda   INTRAMURS   Novilunium, Estratos de mi memoria – 2014Rosa Borreda – Novilunium, Estratos de mi memoria – 2014

Mireia Calaf - detalleMireia Calaf – detalle SENTIMENTS VISCERALS. 2014. – Collar

Mireia Calaf  -  SENTIMENTS VISCERALS. 2014. - Collar: Plata, vísceras, silicona, hilo y esmalte frío. Necklace: Brass, guts, silicone, thread, cold enamel.Mireia Calaf  -  SENTIMENTS VISCERALS. 2014. – Collar: Plata, vísceras, silicona, hilo y esmalte frío. Necklace: Brass, guts, silicone, thread, cold enamel.

Beatriz Diaz-Ceballo - collar-mu--ecas-bajaBeatriz Diaz-Ceballo - collar-mu–ecas-baja
« Pequeñas piezas de joyería donde trabajo con el concepto de la mujer actual, centrándome en los distintos roles que asumimos, o dejamos de asumir; así como los distintos premios que en apariencia conlleva seguir estos roles. »

Ana PalomaresAna Palomares

Natalia Araya - Time does not pass, it continues.Natalia Araya – Time does not pass, it continues.

Laura Guillot Suay - Reconstruccion-env--s-copia Laura Guillot Suay – Reconstruccion-env–s-copia (Premio José Arquero 2014) – « 
Bajo el concepto de lo no apreciado, lo desechado, se conserva la forma natural que adopta al quebrarse un corte transversal de madera de mobila.  Se recupera y se reconstruye haciendo un paralelismo entre la estructura interna de la madera y la estructura metálica que la abraza y la refuerza. »Tina León   Mi eva interior IIITina León    Mi eva interior III –
« Proyecto basado en la artista Eva Hesse, inspirada por su obra y sus diarios con los que me siento identificada, su manera de experimentar con el material me atrae, y su entusiasmo ante el comportamiento de éste me resulta muy familiar, yo siento esa misma emoción cuando experimento, y dejo que el azar intervenga en el proceso.  El resultado tres piezas en látex, raíces que se entrelazan que surgen de mi interior. »

Tina León  Fabrika12Tina León

Sue Ibars - A través del silencioSue Ibars - A través del silencio

Arantxa SainzArantxa Sainz

Mar SanchezMar Sanchez



Fabrika 12

Calle del Marqués de Caro, 12,
46003 Valencia





EXPO ‘WWWA’ – Estonian Museum of Applied Art & Design, Tallinn (EE) – 7 Nov. 2014- 18 Janv. 2015

WWWA [Words & Works from a World Away (Sõnad ja tööd sealt kaugelt)]Estonian Museum of Applied Art & Design
A collaboration of Estonian and Australian jewellery artists
WWWA - estonia
OPENING 7 november 2014 – 5pm
Kuraator: Claire McArdle

What do they say about us on the other side of the world?
And what do you know about them?
This exhibition unites the northern and southern hemispheres through the work of jewellery and object artists from Australia & Estonia. In each country statements were collected from ordinary members of the public about their knowledge and opinion of the other country. Each artist chose a statement about their country from someone on the other side of the world. The piece they made is a reaction to this statement.
Words spoken across the globe invite a personal study of our own culture and a reaction to other’s perceptions of who we are. Each piece is a navigation of an outsider’s perspective and the resulting realisations and revelations about our own identity.
The two cultures have been explored through unverified perceptions and understandings. The resulting objects are repositories of both cultural and personal narratives. They examine the global flow of information between two physically and culturally separate countries and provoke an international exploration of self.

Linda al-Assi [EST] — Robert Baines [AUS] — Nicholas Bastin [AUS] — Robin Bold [AUS] — Zoe Brand [AUS] — Melissa Cameron [AUS] — Anna Davern [AUS] — Mark Edgoose [AUS] — Rita-Livia Erikson [EST] — Ulvi Haagensen [EST] — Mary Hackett [AUS] — Kirsten Haydon [AUS] — Nils Hint [EST] — Naoko Inuzuka [AUS] — Annika Kedelauk [EST] — Inari Kiuru [AUS] — Aija Kivi [EST] — Keiu Koppel [EST] — Katarina Kotselainen [EST] — Teresa Lane [AUS] — Urmas Lüüs [EST] — Kadri Mälk [EST] — Claire McArdle [AUS] — Hans-Otto Ojaste [EST] — Kaire Rannik [EST] — Anne Reinberg [EST] –  Adolfas Šaulys & Mari Relo-Šaulys [EST] — Mark Vaarwerk [AUS] — Anita Van Doorn [AUS] — Tanel Veenre [EST]

Tanel Veenre,   Metsik eljas I/Wild Beast I, 2012 Eesti/Estonia Photographer: Marc MorelTanel Veenre,   Metsik eljas I/Wild Beast I, 2012 Eesti/Estonia – Photo: Marc Morel

Nils Hint  - Words & World from a World Away. Austraalia ja Eesti ehtekunstNils Hint


Image de prévisualisation YouTube


Estonian Museum of Applied Art & Design
Lai tn 17,
Tallinn 10133
Estonia, Tallinn

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