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Montserrat Lacomba, from blog « mar de Color Rosa » has opened her workshop to public ….

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Atelier Montserrat Lacomba – ouverture 15 nov 2014

My colleague & friend Montserrat Lacomba from blog Mar de Color Rosa has opened her workshop to public : « November 15th, 2014 I invite you to the opening of my shop/workshop at Plaça de Sant Pere 2 in Girona« . VERY nice place with her nice & pleasant jewels ! A MUST GO if you visit Girona.

A lot of little enameled pieces, very pleasant to wear, are waiting for you ! :-)

« Mar de color rosa » : she works « with colors » as she says, colors of Mediterranean, of sea, clouds & sky, of plants & fishes, and all is happy, fresh, colorful but not too much, easy & pleasant to wear …. I recommend !!! :-)

Atelier Montserrat -ouverture 15 nov 2014« taller obert » !

« What would happen if the color of the snow were the color of ripe wheat or Coke? And what if the green of herbs became the tonality of dried beans? Where would we end up if one day gravity stopped? It could be that chickens will one day fly majestically like eagles and lambs learn to climb trees to shelter from the sun. Let’s not be surprised if one morning the sea no longer reaches the beach, allowing us to see what lies on the seabed. It would be less of a surprise if Lewis Carol’s “Alice” did not return from the hidden world behind the mirror because she thinks that life there is better. And what would happen if sea water were opaque and did not reflect the blue skies, yellow skin or scratched skies of bloody sunrises and sunsets? In the unlikely event upon which this might have occurred, Montserrat would have saved a sea, the pink sea (Mar de Color Rosa). That is the explanation of her brand. » –

Many thanks to my husband Agustí for this beautiful text!!!

Atelier Montserrat -ouverture 15 nov 2014Montserrat Lacomba y su broche « Giulietta » - Silver and cultivated pearl.

Atelier Montserrat -ouverture 15 nov 2014Montserrat lacomba – some of her necklaces & brooches ….

Atelier Montserrat -ouverture 15 nov 2014enamels palette …

Atelier Montserrat -ouverture 15 nov 2014Montserrat Lacomba necklace, this one in blue. Silver, copper, enamel and leather.

Nsome of her earrings

Montserrat Lacomba earrings_progressMontserrat Lacomba earrings in progress

Montserrat Lacomba enameled piecesMontserrat Lacomba enameled pieces are ready ….

living Girona by nightliving Girona by night … with sky & water colors …

Plaça de Sant Pere 2,  in Girona


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