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EXPO ‘Nina Sajet’ – Four Gallery, Göteborg (SE) – 14 Nov.-13 Dec. 2014

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Four (SE),Nina SAJET (NL),Suede (SE) — bijoucontemporain @ 22:35

A Fantasy World of Absurd Proportions and Unstable Illusions by Nina Sajet

The jewellery of Nina Sajet creates a fantasy world of absurd proportions and unstable illusions. Like in a fairy-tale, the first impression of beauty and lightness might shift into a more complex image with more weight that could also contain a twinge of discomfort or uncertainty.

“In my world cages turn to rings, birds to pipes, sprouts to pearls. I see each new object and project as part of a new reality” – Nina Sajet

Nina Sajet - Drowning in Air Nina Sajet – Drowning in Air

 Nina Sajet - Finally winter - White Snow braceletNina Sajet - Finally winter – White Snow bracelet

Nina Sajet

 Nina SajetNina Sajet
Nina Sajet
    Nina Sajet

Nordhemsgatan 74,
Göteborg – Sweden
Tel +46 73 086 42 49

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