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EXPO ‘Tamata’ – Gallery el.Marneri, Athens (GR) – 5 dec. 2014 – 5 Dec. 2015

Spells and incantations, amulets and fetishes, ex-votos and tamata – words, gestures, objects that tell of a need as old as the human race itself: to thwart evil and protect life, a need that is every bit as strong today as it was for our ancestors since time immemorial.

OPENING: Friday 5 December 2014, 18:00

Gal Eleni Marneri


El.Marneri Gallery invites artists to participate in building a collection of jewelry and art objects that revisits the age-old notion of the protective charm. One-of-a-kind or limited edition objects tap the ancient tradition of apotropaic symbols; they revise it, reinvent it, comment on it. The collection – that is to be permanent and exclusive to the Gallery – will constitute a work in progress that is to evolve through the addition of both participating artists and new acquisitions. The project is to be completed in a year’s time and will be launched at a special event held at the Gallery this coming Christmas.


Participating artists:

Sophia Zarari — Mari Aoyama — Tatiana Choremi — Katerina Anastasiou — Marigo Kassi — Lina Moisidou — ΠΟΤΝΙΑDesign — Stavroula Kaziale — Aliki n’ the Jaz rabbit — Maria Tsimpiskaki – Anna Theocharaki — Ioli Livada – Rallou Katsari — Anna Vlahos — Aliki Stroumpouli — Maro Vasiliadou — Xrysa Chatzikostantinidou — Kyriaki Panagi — Eyaggelia Dimitriou — Danai Gianelli — Paula Lakah — Voula Karampatzaki — Yiannis Siotis – Katerina Giannaka — Dimitris Korovesis.


Aliki  Stroumpouli - Aliki 'n' the Jaz rabbit - The exploding penis - against bad sexAliki  Stroumpouli / Aliki ‘n’ the Jaz rabbit - The exploding penis – against bad sex

Maria Tsimpiskaki - "interlaced necklace" 2013Maria Tsimpiskaki - « interlaced necklace » 2013

Eleni Marneri Creative Gallery

5 Lempesi str,
11742 Athènes
tel +30.210.8619488

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